Another level cap increase

I feel bad bad for players that wasted their time farming these events. It was 100 percent guaranteed to happen shortly after they ended. Gearbox does not respect your time at all. Hopefully this is the last increase for at least 6 months or more, but I don’t trust them.


While doubtful, it would be nice if they upped the level cap before the new DLC.

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New level cap is coming at the same time as the new dlc.

I don’t feel bad for them at all.


If I still played on console, hell yeah I’d be pissed.

Luckily, there are… options… for pc players.

Helps with combating BS rng as well.


Cap increases don’t bother me, at all. I’m looting my kills regardless of whether the XP bar moves, or not. It’s a constant in a looter shooter.


There were some hints in the Bordercast Show, that eridium and money will be very useful when the level cap increase hits. Maybe they are hiding something.


More POWERRRR!!! 3 more points would give me a warm tingle… 5??? Whoa mamma!!


Will those datamined new skilltrees be coming with the DLC, I wonder, or a separate patch with yet another level cap increase?


I’m quietly hoping for the skilltrees with dlc4. Most VH builds can handle m10 as it is so 5 more points will make it a walk in the park!


After playing endgame moze for 2 months, i decided to give my fl4k save a try. LVL 10.
It feels good to survive off the drops on the go.
Equipping my gear by holding E on whatever’s on the floor. Getting back that feeling of looter.
I was genuinely happy when i dropped a thunderballs fist.

As much as it saddens me to say goodbye to my current stuff, i prefer to welcome back this feeling on my main and roll with it. Because lets behonest, if i didnt have to farm weapons, i wouldnt have anything to do outside of the DLC.

Side note, about the 5 skill points:
personally its not gonna change my build drastically. I have several skills at 4/5, so this is gonna top em off mostly. Which is nice. But yeah, nothing too crazy.


5 levels/skill points is not enough to drastically change a build or open up new options, but just enough to require refarming for lvl 65 gear if you want to play higher mayhem.


I’ve never understood this mentality. Not least because previous games have featured level cap increases.

They happen. They happen in a lot of level / skill-point based games! Your old gear becomes sub-optimal. Your old gear does not become trash. Your old gear is still entirely useable. Why do we need all this exaggeration, every time?


Depends. 5 points is a new skill completely maxed out, which can make quite the difference depending on the skill in question.

I recall hearing someone saying that 65 is the intended final level cap for this game, but take that with a grain of salt.

I will however agree that the timing is just a bit off. There’s no point in having big old farming events if all of the gear you farmed gets invalidated a few weeks later anyways.
I guess if nothing else, at least the Eridium farm event is gonna be useful either way.

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Because it is happening way too often.

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Yea, they said they’d get back to that, but they never did. Wonder if dlc and crew challenge stuff is getting added to the veterans vendor?

I am finished with this season pass and then finished with this game. It is obvious they are setting it up for another paid content cash grab, it wouldn’t be so bad if they fixed the problems and stopped trying to turn it into some sort of always online MMO Destiny crap.


They’ve done this with nearly every farm event this past year. Didn’t make sense then, doesn’t make sense now.

At least it appears were at the final level raise. Although I was hoping we’d get closer to 70 or 80, but it is what it is. 5 more points only lets me top off a couple skills. Nothing too major.


Why is that a bad thing? It keeps weapons within a usable range. Imagine BL1 and BL2, where we received sudden increases of what, 11 levels at a time in some cases?

You get on-level weapons for longer, but then you spend longer getting to the new level.

It’s the same principle here, but the curve is smoother. Because the level cap increases are lesser each time, it a) gives Gearbox better control of the pacing of the strength of the characters (and thus skill balance) and b) you can still enjoy the weapons you currently have.

The big problem is people assuming weapons are garbage because the new player level cap is a few levels higher. They’re not garbage. They’re suboptimal. Folks need to see that.