Another level cap increase

The game suffers from serious ugly issues. Level cap increased are far from being one of them. Never forget it’s a looter shooter. The grind is a major part of the game.


Because it takes a couple of hours to get the new skill points, and then days/weeks/months to re-farm your gear.

I actually prefer the large increases. Increases that are also challenging and not a walk in the park. Currently, there’s no reason to play. None. I was going to play the DLC 4 because it’s already paid for. May not bother. I just can’t see wasting time on a game that is all sizzle no steak.


I personally enjoy the level increases. I don’t care if I spent hours upon hours farming for gear, the fun part is finding things again and having the feeling of satisfaction.

A lot of the guns are world drops, so on M10 the way it rains legendaries, you can get a majority of what you need simply by playing the game.


It’s literally everytime a new DLC comes out, you should expect it. Also, who is out there spending all their free time hunting god rolls? There’s no point. Once you get the best most optimized gear, what are you gonna do? Farm for more gear?

Which has not existed since MH2.0 dropped.


Personal preference is one thing. Nothing wrong with that, regardless of how good or bad Gearbox are doing at a specific thing.

But I don’t think you understood my point. What is wrong with having to refarm your gear? What is the problem in dealing with slightly underlevelled gear for some time? You’ll still be able to clear content.

This effect was more pronounced with the older games and their larger level cap increases. It was easier to level (even at the extremely high end) than it was to farm the perfect gear. The lower increases allow for less disparity between your old gear and the new cap.

Strongly disagree.

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I’ve been saying this since the first cap increase. It’s really not such a bad thing. Farming with gear 10-11 levels under is way worse than 3-4 levels under.

Level cap bumps don’t bother me much either.
And one aspect of doing level cap increases with the DLCs has been that the DLCs have all introduced some new, very powerful, weapons (Yellow cake, Anarchy, Light show as examples) so I get a new powerful weapon going to the new cap so I’m good. Obviously re-farming other weapons is a chore, but it’s a Borderlands chore.

The only caveat in that is the special event weapons. You cannot get, for example, an O.P.Q. system right now, all of ours are level 57, and that’s a bit annoying.


I’m interested to see how 5 works out. The last couple of increases I was able to re-max characters before the end of the new DLC. 5 levels may be a bit more of a challenge at my preferred mayhem level though? I might hold off on the DLC for a bit and level first, since I’d rather have any nice DLC stuff at the new max.


Exactly the issue.

Ps: As far as DlC 4, if the trend continues, the newest weapons will make all other’s obsolete.


At that point it is a matter of personal preference. But the point you made…seems off to me, who would be farming level 70 gear while only using level 60 gear? You would have obviously found some usable gear through the ten levels which can be used to farm, unless you are strangely attached to your gear why not use what you find?

These level caps have just made it so I can’t afford the time to play the game I wanted and had in previous entries. A single farm can take days for me, nevermind entire kits for 12 VH’s

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They did get back to that while talking about the level cap increase itself: The Eridium we have collected is supposed to be a starting help by firing the Gungun and by bying stuff from Earl. Basically the free legendaries we get that way are supposed to speed up the grind. Its a pretty bad perspective as we just don’t get enough control over what we get by firing the Gungun and farming Earl is tedious.


So just the same stuff we already have. Fun

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The point is how easy and quick it is to gain levels, and how long it can take to refarm gear. Also, a lot of people will grind up levels and then go look for gear. It is super easy to gain 10 levels without finding any better gear than what you already have. Even if you are actually farming while gaining levels.

On that note, it could also work the other way. You could get new gear as you are leveling. It’s really just up to RNG on how that works out.

The point being, it is conceivably possible to wind up with gear 10 levels under after a level cap raise. Which would make the whole regear process that much more of a grind. With 3-4 levels at a time it reduces the chances of that happening.

Not saying it’s the best possible way of raising the cap. It’s just a thing.

NGL, with more gear and anoints being viable, bridging myself from level cap to level cap is easier. I can use gungun to get a decent gun to farm for the real stuff.

That being said, I still think it’s a bad decision. There was no point to farm perfect gear, so progression won’t feel satisfying until the last level cap hits. Sure at BL2 launch we knew we’d get level caps eventually, but the intervals were longer that gear feels relevant longer, and sinking hours into farming is worthwhile.

Even with the improvements I mentioned though, farming dedicated drops is still a pain. Combine that with the short level cap intervals, and there’s not much reason to truly minmax. I doubt we’ll end at 65. (and tbh ive just given up on minmaxing until 70 comes)


While I mostly agree with what you’re saying, I don’t think many people we’re using level 50 gear in 61 cap in BL2. By level 55 or 56 most people would have just been picking stuff of the ground to replace what they were using, or would be going to a DLC to farm for weapons until they hit the new cap (blech!).

Regardless, I can see why people are upset about have to refarm since it takes a lot longer to get the perfect item, but at the same time the perfect item you got lasts way longer in this game. I can use a level 57 OPQ on lvl 60 M10, at least for trash clear, with little issue. I’d imagine an inventory full of god-roll gear will still be more than serviceable until it’s replaced by on level gear.


Please explain the gear and skill balance post MH2.0?

GBX definitely does not have a handle on it.
Between anointments and Mayhem level, things are so out of balance it is ridiculous.


I expect that to be the case with the newest DLC. Borderlands 3 has become a game that rewards those who play constantly and those willing to pay for additional content. This would be fine if there were only a few items that were really good, but when it turns into a system where you need to play the newest seasonal event or pay for a DLC to get a majority of the best performing gear in the game, then it becomes suspect.


That’s what I always do. Drop into the slaughter shaft, and run til I hit max again, jump out, and go farm a bit to try to pick up my main gear again. Then I start the dlc.


It would be great if we could use eridium to lvl up old event guns to bring them current.