Another miss on functionality

I was trying out the Ten gallon now with improved damage. The damage is, okay but not nearly up enough considering other weapons of the same mayhem level.

Ten gallon, mayhem 4:
DMG: 2233
ELE: Corrosive
DOT: 2814 - 10% chance
Fire rate: 5.21

Cutsman mayhem 4
DMG: 3981
ELE: Corrosive
DOT: 9346 - 19% chance
Fire rate: 4.54

Star Helix
DMG: 1657 x 3
ELE: none
Fire rate: 8.06

Ten gallon still doesn’t compare on damage on a straight comparison. 60% of the cutsman damage, 25% of the dot damage with a similar firing speed. Or 50% of the star helix damage and half the fire rate. For a slow firing SMG it’s just not enough damage.

Let’s now look at its unique ability. It spawns a drone that follows you around and of you reload with bullets in the clip it reloads this turret. This effectively doubles the damage for double the ammo. However where this falls down is the inability to use this with skills.
Zane’s clone does not spawn a drone on reload
Annointment of swapping on reload doesn’t add bullets to drone (rendering it obsolete)
Doesn’t even seem to get the bonus from Zane’s shield around it when on the ground…
I doubt Regen with clone or Mozes Regen will work on the drone, so it’s uniqueness is limited which is awful. The ability for this to interact with action skills would have made this an amazing niche weapon… But instead it’s average st best.

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