Another MM suggestion

So we all want random pvp option to open the player pool a bit (Cause who knows if 5 people are waiting in meltdown and 5 in capture if they chose random you could put them together and have a game) , And we’ve talked about cross consoles and how it would be unfair to them against mouse users (i dont get it but ok, also why not make it an option to que against PC? )

But why not consider an option that if 5 people have been waiting for a period of time (like the group im in now have been waiting almost an hour) that the opposite team is filled with bots, that at least let you work on lore challenges like kill OM 25 times.

At least then the group has something to do rather then get increasingly frustrated waiting on and on and on.

I do really love BB and having alot of fun but the que times are starting to hurt

I made a similar suggestion a few days ago. Both should be a standard staple for filling in teams.