Another Noob Question, Please Help Again

Thanks for all the feedback last time and I find myself with another question. Im now level 37 in TVHM and I just got to Wildlife Exploitation Preserve and looking for Bloodwing. It’s been fairly intense for me so far in TVHM with damage output and sustainability against these enemies. I find that my enemies are always 4-7 levels higher than me and feel extremely bullet spongy. I also get wrecked quite a bit by mid-high tier enemy types. Im struggling very badly with the rabid stalkers and super badass fire scags and there crews. Previously it was Badass Loaders before these creatures. It seems impossible alot of the time.

So my questions are; How does enemy leveling work in TVHM or just in general? Are enemies always a minimum amount of levels higher than your current level or am I just way underleveled for where I have progressed in the story? Can I level myself up with side quests etc to match the level 42-44 enemies im currently facing in story? Thanks in advance!

you’re WAY underleveled.


Ok so if I go do some quest and side missions and level myself to 40-42 will the enemies stay around that same level they are at now when I hop back into story? Thanks

WEP is a set part of the story you have to do. The levels will stay.

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Ok cool…no wonder why these things feel so dabg op! Lol I wasnt quute sure if I was underleveled or enemies just always scaled higher. Thanks alot cuz this was a big help. Time to go level my butt up!

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In your mission log, next to the quest is a recommended level for it. That recommended level means that the enemies will be pretty much that level, possibly anything up to two levels higher than that number. Entering WEP at 37 is very underleveled, as @Poisonedbite said, as far as I recall the level of that area is 42ish. I recommend you go and do some side missions to get leveled up a bit. I wouldn’t go to WEP until at least 40, personally. Maybe even 41.

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which character are you? Unless you are Maya, Gaige (I doubt you are) or Zero (maybe) I would say forget it and grind

only those characters can take on enemies 4 or 5 levels higher with any amount of fun

Any character can.

Depends on the player. I can do it.

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Yes, I was meaning there’s no reason that only some could do it, as suggested by @IceCat763 - it’s more the players understanding of that character that makes it easy or difficult.


Just look in your mission list. Whatever level the mission is listed as is what level you should be.


@Pistol_Vinny also looking at the same log that Kuolemanlaakso mentions it will also tell you how tough that that mission will be compared to your current level, that ranges between “Easy to Impossible” depending on your level

and make sure to farm/acquire Gear/Guns that match your level as you go

and as several have said slow down a bit so you don’t become so underleveled, do side missions as a means of keeping about level with the game as you proceed, in fact by doing the ones that just payout eridium, skins and some crappy gear you should be able to stay about level.
You can Keep the missions that gives good unigues or gear for endgame so they are at the max level of TVHM (L50).
As most will tell you, unless you have played the game for awhile and have gear stored you are best to hit UVHM between 50 - 52 as the enemies scale to your level in that mode, but your gear will be no higher then L50
Note, when you first start UVHM, as soon as you get to the first travel station, do a round of DLC traveling as several of them have vending machines within easy reach of the FT’s, this way you can get gear at your level if needed

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Further to what @LunaticOne was saying about saving the best gear for lvl50 , a good way to level up is to do the side quests that have a decent reward but only up to the last part of the tasks.
Flame of the Firehawk for example , it has a fairly lengthy quest chain so u could get a chunk of it out the way , then come back for the last bit when you’ve completed TVHM.


Also your weapons make a difference. If you have Purple or Gold weapons aka Legendaries, they hold up over multiple levels much better than lower level gear. And as many have said before, refer to the Mission data as each story mission has a set level no matter what your level is in NVHM and TVHM until you complete the story, and they each caps at 30 & 50 respectively if I remember correctly. Mini Bosses and Bosses (and certain levels of Bad Asses) will be between 1-2 levels higher than the level of that mission. Maybe as much as three levels.

On top of that your build/ chosen skills and perks, can result in a character being “Overpowered”, which will allow you to use a reasonable amount of skill/ knowledge of the game to overcome being out-leveled by enemies.


You have been so helpful to me so thanks you! Funny that ive never even noticed the listed levels and difficulty on the missions tab. Lol wow!! This makes way more sense now cuz it was crazy hard and I was getting frustrated. Thank you! So ill tell you what im using and than I have 1 more question that is really bugging me. Sorry im using you as my Borderlands encyclopedia btw…lol

I’m playing as Mya and im currently using a slag transfusion nade, double penetrating unkempt harold (Savage Lee) as my primary weapon and I switch between Moxxis good touch and bad touch depending on enemies im fighting for my main elemental weapon. I usually have a blast damage rocket launcher and a shock sniper with a crit damage modifier on it as my heavy weapons. Sadly my moxxi weapons and my harold are getting underleveled as I go and I have to find higher level variants asap.

The problem ive been having is farming for weapons that match my level. When I farm Savage lee, he is always level 35 even though im level 39 and the 2 unkemp harolds I got both dropped at level 33. Since I got my first one ive been going to farm him daily but hes always level 35 and it seems pointless now. Still seems to hold up pretty well but I dont think I can progress nuch further with it. So how do I get these farmable weapons to drop at my current level? How do I get Savage Lee to be at my level cuz I really need a new Harold especially. Also can I get another bad and good touch from Moxxi or is that a once per character type deal? Thanks!

Thank you as well for your help cuz you’ve been very generous in guidance. I just replied to an earlier post from Koul and if you’d like to tune into reading it as I talk about what ive been using and some of my issues with my weapon levels. Im kind of stuck on how to get these good weapons at my current level and dont know how to proceed. Thanks again!

Thank you for the advice and I am going to work on those quests when I get on in a little while. Im going to actively try and level up to at least 41-42 before I hop back on the story.

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Cool, great advice and thank you as well. I have a way clearer view of my path forward now. Im just stuck on hiw to get farmable weapons like the unkempt harold to drop at my level. I posted a repky to Kuol if you have a chance to check it out. I basucally give the rundown on what im using and my little dilemma so if you could chime in it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

don’t worry about getting another Harold until later, you’d need to get one from the Torgue machines in that DLC and I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time farming those tokens. There’s plenty of gear that works at these levels. Some things to look for would be Plasma Casters, even a Bandit one would be excellent at these levels, Bandit rocket launchers, Torgue shotguns (Hulk or Ravager), Jakob’s shotguns (Coach gun or Quad), Maliwan SMG’s, Maliwan snipers (even a green Snider is very strong)…

I can’t remember whether the Dust always levels with you in TVHM or if you have to beat the main story first. If it’s at your level, taking “The Bane” side quest gives access to McNally and the easy farm that results in the Hammer Buster which hits like a truck at those levels. It would probably last you almost ten levels.

You’re not at the point where you need legendary or even unique weapons yet… Certain weapon types are very strong in the game and blue and purple variants will be fine (green Sniders hit very hard too)…I’m not saying avoid, much of the fun in BL2 comes from them, but don’t you need them yet. Look for an area or side quest at your level. For that mission, you can go online and look where the red chests are in addition to the enemy drops.

If you did want to start the DLC’s I don’t know what level the Scarlett DLC will start for you at, but very strong weapons can be obtained from it.

For shields, I recommend an absorb shield for bandit areas and an adaptive shield for everywhere else. Unless you’ve got a Legendary Siren to drop already, I’d go with a Binder mod of some sort, like a Cunning Binder. Here’s some build ideas at L39 (assuming playing solo and no Leg Siren, if you have one, let me know and I’ll show what it would look like with that)

Here’s a max damage one

Here’s a more balanced one that I would probably use, but I’m a little more experienced and can get away without Reaper. I would be filling out chain reaction, then Reaper, then (well I’d actually take something else then respec 6 levels later, but…) Helios then Ruin

If you are having trouble slagging and feel you absolutely need Ruin


However if you decide you want one, I don’t mind buying it for you.