Another note about the whack jump on Montana dlc

OK, we covered this in the past, Montana often has a problem with that jump.

Today I was helping someone get 100 OPs, I was Miko they were Ernest.
Both of us kept shooting over the island you should land on. Way over.
We were running out of lives so we decided to try something nutty.
We both hit the jump at the same time, and both of us landed properly.
In case you can’t picture the jump I’m referring to:

Now, onto another Montana dlc problem.

Gearbox Devs: Why when Boldur was doing this just now at ZERO OPs does he get 6 Alphas?
Did you guys even consider what that would be like for poor old Boldur?
For the record, Boldur killed them, no deaths, but gosh that was insane.


Maybe the presence of Alphas is influenced by the version of the story?
I first encountered them at my 6th (or 7th?) run, the one with Aurox as narrator.

It is.

Also never really had too much issues with this jump …

…It’s not common but it does happen. I have hundreds of runs on that dlc.
If anyone wants I can actually tally the totals but it’s crazy.

If they can’t fix jump issues I hope they just open that gate so that anyone can get that chest without playing a freaking lottery. Jeez, tryed reaching that freaking island yesterday as Montana - no chances, absolutely, he doesn’t even reach the required height to try some tricks. It’s annoying as hell especially since you need him to get 100 OPs for a challenge. :rage:

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Yup, very frustrating to get that far and have to finish with 99 OPs.
Surely the Devs understand that level of rage.

Oh, I know, they have to place an activation pad near jump pad, to open the gate. That way even if you die jumping you respawn and just get your chest. It’s not like you don’t deserve it if you didn’t jump, it doesn’t require any skill anyway.

Or just replace OPS chest with a big loot crate. That’s how hidden places usually work, yup…

Not true, everyone can make this jump:

Don’t go on jump pads against their direction and don’t touch your movement keys. This DLC has some problems (e.g., ridiculous damage from Alphas and too many OHKO overall), but this jump isn’t one of them. You have to be careful as Montana and yes, I had an outtake first while recording this, but it is doable.

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Yup, Montana can make it but many of us have noted that for some reason there are times even when you back against the wall and walk directly at the pad he still gets tossed over it, and then that last time I did it with Miko he was getting tossed very high and far over it, until we did it two people together. So…Multiplayer game Physics, same old engine.

Only ever had problems with that jump, when I didn’t release the movement key.

I’ve done it hundreds of times, possibly a ratio at work? :wink:

Unfortunately, it can’t be “not true” because I was describing MY personal experience, I spent over 20 lives in several walkthroughs and nothing I tried worked except this:


Yes, it is. When a jump pad doesn’t work when you use it like you used jump pads thousand times before (it’s not an exaggeration, I play this game a lot) - it is a problem. When the only way to avoid an instant death where it absolutely shouldn’t be is convincing youself this jump is possible - in a blind hope, without any actual hint it is - and proceed wasting your lives, your walkthroughs and your time to finally find the right circumstances - it is a problem.

Just because you know exactly what you have to do in order to avoid a problem doesn’t mean it stops being a problem.


Could be ping? I have to release my movement key before Montana even touches the pad center. I stand near a pad, make a small tap on my button, wait a fraction of second and only then Monty is launched into the air to make successfull landing. If I hold my button pressed a bit longer, it fails. I recorded it and the difference was only several frames.

Dunno but maybe we can agree it should have been done properly so we aren’t creating this sort of stress.

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