Another Oddity of Glitch Guns

Everyone now knows that the Pepperbox, a Jakobs pistol with Vladof Barrel, can be obtained in Glitch Rarity. Everyone who has one knows that it is awesome.

However, i was playing around with some other random glitch guns, and i found out this: Assault Rifles with the Tourge Barrels all shoot rockets, even the Jakobs and Dahl ones, which previously shot cannonballs and Grenades. I suppose this went so comparatively long without being noticed because no one uses assault rifles, especially not Tourge barreled ones.

Also, my Jakobs AR which should have been called a “Cannon” was called a “Rifle”.

I guess they truly live up to being Glitch guns. They sound buggy.

My only glitch AR so far is, in fact, a Torgue, so I hadn’t noticed this. Good catch! Also, it is completely awesome - red glitch on a Torgue AR is one-shot kill territory.

Might be intentional, considering Clappy’s nature.