Another OP8 Trade Shop

Hey guys! I decided to put up my inventory for some things that I’m looking for. Everything I have to offer is OP8, and everything I’m looking for is OP8.

I don’t mind giving a few items away if you don’t have what I’m looking for, but please try to limit your requests to a few items. Between working on characters, farming and trading, I’d like some time to ya know…actually play the game lol.

Also, I know some of you on the forums are sticklers about specific weapon parts and what does and does not exist in the game. I agree 100% that modded items are unacceptable and would never ask for such a thing. So when I ask for an All Malawan Pimpernel, I know that the barrel is still Dahl, and an All Hyperion Plasma Caster has an E-Tech barrel. Having said that I will try my best to be as specific as I can, but please don’t crucify me if I forget to mention that the Twisters barrel happens to be Torgue. Thank you :slight_smile:

Please PM me if there is anything you would be interested in.

So without further ado…

Wants: All OP8

Rock Ravager - with the “Casual” foregrip and torgue grip and sight

Any Community Day skins and heads - (I don’t know if these are available now due to the latest update, but it seems to me like they are. If not, then I apologize)
Poker Night Heads - (Again, I don’t even know if these are available, and if they are not then I deeply apologize…again)
Big Badaboom - Explosive, preferably all Bandit

These are the things I have: (All OP8 unless specified)

Straight Shootin’ Unforgiven
Quality Avenger
Dva Stinger - Fire
Double Penetrating Unkempt Harrold
Binary Thunderball Fists
Infinity - Shock, Non Elemental
Twin Hornet
Binary Grog Nozzle
Evisceration Grog Nozzle
Dynamic Fibber - Non Elemental

Practicible Butcher - Fire, Corrosive, Non Elemental
Critical Interfacer - Corrosive, Shock, Non Elemental
Practicible Conference Call - Corrosive, Shock, Non Elemental
Rustler’s Twister - All Jakobs
Ornery Hydra - All Jakobs
Rustler’s Orphan Maker
Casual Flakker - All Torgue

Plenteous Norfleet - Fire
Pertinent Norfleet - Corrosive
Big Badaboom - Explosive
Deep a Nukem - All Torgue

Consumate Florentine
Rightsizing Bitch - Fire, Corrosive, Shock, Slag, Non Elemental
Impetuous Hellfire
Lucid Hellfire
Agresive Slagga - (OP7)
Sand Hawk - Fire, Corrosive

Barking Storm
Sublime Storm
Night Pitchfork
Barking Volcano
Pimpernell - Fire, Corrosive, Shock, Slag

Assault Rifles:
Boss Bekah
Naasty Sawbar
Nasty Ogre
Rabid Shredifier
Hail - Fire, Corrosive

Sham (94%)
Big Boom Blaster
Flame of the Firehawk
Black Hole
The Sham (91%)
The Bee - OP8, 72, 50
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
The Cradle
The Rough Rider

Grenade Mods:
Longbow Quasar - 0.0 fuse time
Chain Lightning
Fastball - Fire, Corrosive, Explosive, Shock
Fire Storm
Lobbed Quasar
Rubberized Fire Bee
Longbow Storm Front
Nasty Surprise - Corrosive, Shock, Slag
Magic Missile (x4) - I have these in both lvl 50 and OP8. I actually prefer the lvl 50 ones cause they don’t hurt as much when they blow up in my face :stuck_out_tongue:

Class Mods
Legendary Gunzerker
Legendary Horder
Legendary Berzerker
Legendary Catalyst
Legendary Anarchist
Legendary Mechromancer
Legendary Soldier
Legendary Pointman
Legendary Engineer
Legendary Sniper
Legendary Killer
Legendary Hunter
Legendary Psycho
Legendary Sickle
Legendary Reaper
Legendary Siren

Bone of the Ancients - Fire, Corrosive, Shock

Gaige - XXX
Sal - Boatmurderer

Edit: Updated with almost everything I own, will update with colour soon! :smiley:
Also adding rare heads and skins. It’s a short list for now but will keep updating as things come in.
Thank you for browsing!

if ya don’t mind if i can get the fire norfleet since i sold mine and mechro’s class mod. have a good day. PSN: AngelofLove57

Bump, with more gear

I have everything that you want except the head. Send me a FR, jgcobb79

Edit: I should also say that I’m not sure of the parts on the Badabooms that I have…

Sweet! I sent you a message over PSN.
It’s too bad about that XXX head. I have a feeling that’s going to be the hardest one to farm or find. You wouldn’t believe how much DPS it adds to my build. (When you look like a badass, you fight like a badass :joy:)




Got the explosive fastball, looking to eviscerating grog nozzle add afgyilan.

I sent you a FR :smile:

I’ll trade a 94% Sham for the evisceration grog nozzle.
PSN: scotchegg426

Do you need a space knight head? I can trade one for your Legendary soldier class mod. :smiley: I also have an infinity I can trade

I actually am looking for Bunker heads, but I already have the Space Knight one. I actually just got a second one the other night that I’m hoping to trade off to someone else (or who knows…even give away) in the near future. I do have a multiple Legendary Soldier coms, and can give you one. What’s your PSN? Or add me at PlayDeadShig

Thank you so much! :smiley: I added you. Are you sure you don’t want an infinity?


Anyone happen to have an op8 ahab?

Do you still have the elemental bitches and XXX head? Psn XWarrior2009X

Hi, if your still looking for them I have the Sham, Quasar & Fastball to trade.

Looking for fire Sand Hawk, Chain Lightning & Impetuous Hellfire.

PSN is dogstar13.


Yes and Yes…add me

PSN: PlayDeadShig

I added you