Another Pax West Mega Code giveaway (PlayStation 4)

After seeing @RedX giveaway a code used on another console, I will be happy to giveaway my code to the PS4 crowd.

I will follow the same rules he used but change it to pick a number between 1 and 30! After all numbers are picked (30 different posts) I will give the code via message to the user who guessed correctly! @Martok is the only person excluded due to winning the previous giveaway. Sorry bud. =(

As @RedX stated, please be honorable and only use the code on PS4!

So, with all of that aside, post your number and let’s rock and roll!


11 :slight_smile: cool of you to do this.


4 or 19!?! 4 or 19?!? 4. 4 is my answer, 4.
Also thanks a bunch for doing this, it’d awesome

Nice. The opportunity to win alone is worthy of thanks, so thank you!
5 is my Number :]


Yeah thanks mate! This is cool of you

He’s gonna choose 26

15 please.

(And thanks to you as well @Synther for doing this!)

29 :slight_smile:

7 please and thank you

3 for miko, montana and rath!!

Imma go with 32 this time

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Ahh I see your thinking
Smart man

19 dude

Not sure if I’m allowed to do this since I already posted a number guess in the PC version of this thread, but I own the game on both PC and PS4. If I can still enter, I’ll go with 27 in this thread too.



I love me some math

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I guess 17 again…!