Another Pickle Bugged in TVHM

This was listed as a level 36 mission and I was at 35 or 36 but all the enemies were 40 or 41.

Yes, there is a horrific level spike somewhere. I seem to remember it being at Tycho’s Ribs. I got through it as I refused to do sidequests. But if you are seriously struggling, that is probably the best thing to do.

The map probably scaled up due to main story progression. I suspect you’re on Triton Flats at the moment? Or did you make it through to Crisis Scar yet? Note that most of the scav bands in Triton Flats will scale up with you on all modes (it’s a feature!)

Nope, it’s neither of these things. When you accept a side mission that says level 36 - normal difficulty the enemies should be at that level. This was in Crisis Scar - which I had already completed the story mission for. Somehow the story-level scale was applied to Crisis Scar.

Yea i just did that mission recently and i was, i think level 38 and the enemies were like 40- 41. I didnt really think anything of it though.