Another plea for enhanced enemy ammo drops at higher mayhem

I’m playing through Story mode at Mayhem 10 for something to do before the next DLC.
And with a well equipped Zane, it’s not much of a problem. Besides his firepower, Salvation and Donnybrook and Clone and Drone doing damage mean Zane can only be killed while reloading so I’ve only died twice so far (in Carnivora now).

But what I do have a challenge with is staying ammo’d up. You use a lotta slugs on mobs.

I’m not asking for more ammo vendors, nor more ammo chests. What I am asking for is a higher ammo drop rate from enemies.
I’m more than happy to earn my bullets by killing enemies, and I feel like above M-8 increasing the ammo drop rate is both a do-able thing (should be hot-fixable) and it’s reasonable for the ammo consumption rate.

Please consider bumping the enemy ammo drop rates.


Have you tried running a loot expander or ammo steal artifact? Both provide a fairly good boost to ammo pickup.

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I don’t because I rely on the Pearl as my artifact for the damage boost, switching artifacts to get more ammo of course would reduce my DPS so I’m reluctant to do that. Again, larger ammo drops should be straightforward and not particularly affect the balance of the game, since scrounging between mobs does work, it just takes a bunch of time.

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Is it that big of deal if your soloing? Just switch to an artifact like cutpurse to get ammo back then switch back to pearl. I’m really use to switching in the middle of fights all the time I know people hate doing this but this game has the tools you need to fix this problem if you don’t use it is it really a problem?

You’re correct, I just dislike doing that. So yes, it’s certainly my issue, but a little help would be appreciated.

Thats understandable. Was just wondering if your build allowed for it. You could keep a loot expanding for when you open ammo boxes then swap back to the pearl since it only takes 15 shots to max stack it.

You mentioned you were playing Zane though, right? I’m of course not gonna tell you how you should play the game, but honestly, there’s better options than the pearl for him. Generally speaking, you’ll probably want a Victory Rush, ideally with the Ice Breaker prefix.
That might allow you to be a little more ammo efficient. Other than that, I’d just recommend you to incoporate various weapon types into your default loadout, with at least one being either an SMG or an AR.
I haven’t ran into too many ammo issues on Zane so far, outside of using certain launchers or sniper rifles but I will agree that increased ammo drop rates would be nice.

While you might be right, my current load out allows me to (as I mentioned) blast through M-10 without really breaking a sweat, so I’m reluctant to tweak it :slight_smile: .

Though I haven’t paid much attention to the Victory Rush, just took a look at it on the Wiki, might be fun. Next time I find one I’ll give it a go instead of selling it.

So your are already near invincible and asking once again for help? Everything fine with you? They should give you an immortality buff…

Hehe. Yes, I’m asking for something I don’t really need, but would make my life a tiny bit better.

You know we’re never satisfied. :wink:

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If damage and survivability are not a problem but ammo is, the issue is not in the game but in the playstyle, build or equipment selection.
Asking for more ammo drops to be able to use a ammo hungry style is like asking to remove ammo completely… It IS supposed to be an issue…

Sure. Using Light Shows and firing almost constantly is a major cause.

But I reserve the right to b*tch and moan about trivial things in the game :slight_smile: Like why Vaughn moves around so randomly in Rolands Rest, takes me literally 2 extra seconds to find him sometimes.

Running the lootspolsion modifier might help. Enemies should drop more ammo.

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I’m not a fan of the ammo weighting. It could definitely be less strict with the spawn chance.

I can be on 300 AR ammo, but when I open a chest it only has 2 AR belts. At least give me 3-4. Why do I need 4 packs for other gun types?

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They want your to use diffrent guns and not only one.

For the most part when killing mobs the ammo they drop should be the ammo that you need. So if you are constantly swapping ammo types then you will need them all. But say you stick with only one you will only ever get that ammo type hence why grenade moze was never really taken away just grenades themselves are terribly weak so its not as effective.

its only ever a problem with my Zane. I switch guns frequently but guess it must be my huge fire rate bonuses :stuck_out_tongue:

This right here!

The ammo spawn weight in this game is way off. In every other borderlands game you could be out of pistol ammo, open a chest and, boom, you’d get mostly all pistol ammo. But in bl3, you could open multiple chests and maybe get one. If you’re lucky.

That aside, lootsplosion is your best bet if you don’t want to swap to a cutpurse artifact mid battle. And I’ll second that the ice breaker victory rush is hands down one of the best artifacts for a cryo Zane.


Yes, and I want to stick with the same one. It’s a negotiation!

And anyway, I switch weapons all the time. I switch from a fire Light Show to a radiation Light Show to a Cryo Light Show…

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