Another Possible Farming Method for Legendaries?

Just a quick intro, I played on PC almost exclusively up until the Alani update, not getting ANY legendaries for the first two weeks I played (most heavily I should mention), and am now playing on PS4 (game’s too framey on pc for me now since the update) and seem to be acquiring Legendaries at a similar pace - nothing for the first two weeks, and a few days ago got three within a reasonable amount of time.

Anyway, I noticed that I personally seem to acquire more legendaries with LESS players. Not necessarily from the get go. That is, we select the match with a full team, but by the end of the match lose 2 or all of the players, and oddly enough it’s just my luck to get legendaries in those matches (regardless of normal or advanced). And of course at the end, the game still says it’s a five-player match, but the difficulty still gets scaled down to accomodate the lost team mates.

Since some say it’s more efficient to play normal mode for farming just because of time, I’m wondering if it’s not also (until we get confirmed stats for how legendaries are dropped) a good idea for people looking to farm a specific thing to get a team together that will drop out so the seeker can blaze through the “5 person” mission with 1 man mission enemy numbers.


(I personally don’t have enough friends on anymore to try this out)

It kinda depends, theres a discussion going on about certain legendaries being difficulty locked. Only certain ones will drop in Normal/Advanced.

Its all RNG in the end, I do random games with people and get legendaries and I farm Renegade 70 missions and only see 1 legendary on my 70th run.

RNGesus misleads us all.

My children, do not let the taunting light of RNGesus lead you astray, for you will instead be drawn into darkness.


Just saw the doc you mention lastdarness (thanks to the Discord chat. :D)

Yeah, RNG is a harsh mistress… I play mostly in Co-Op with my fiance and we recognized that gear drop alot more often when we play splitscreen. I don´t know if its just strange luck or something, but its rather weird.

Anyways, I´m kinda happy with my legendary droprate so far (CR37 - 6 legendaries) when I look back onto my 3 Borderlands 1 legandaries after 100+hours playtime lol

Opposite for me. Legendaries dropped like hotcakes in BL1, but I have about 100 hours logged in BB, and the only legendaries I have (primarily PvE player) are from RNG luck on loot packs except for 1 that dropped in the Algorithm.

RNG can be a harsh mistress indeed, haha

SNAP! That’s exactly my luck so far too. Completed 55 missions, 1 from Algorithm and 1 from Epic LP.

I reckon I could get a Norfleet from Vermiverous quicker. And this game is now defo the king of mean on the Legendary side :imp:

Pure RNG. I got 0 legendaries until lvl 17. Then last night, I got two. One while soloing and another while in full co-op advanced map. Go figure.

I ran the algorithm over 25 times…only getting 2 srops of henchmans wrench, and then on one run I got the shard giving shoulder pads and the sword looking thing that makes enemy shields not recharge for 8 seconds or so. both on same run, only time.

Best way to farm legendaries imo is the sentinel just speed run it also you get good gear drops from the boxes set behind impenitrable walls. The guardians are really easy to kill if you have a level 10 Oscar since laser of death practically one shots them. I got 17 legendaries with somewhere around 120 hours of playing. Another good one is the algorithm or voids edge since those go really quickly.

My wife is level 55. Gets a leg every other day. I am level 75. Never got one anywhere but from character specific lore completion.

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