Another post about FPS drops

I have not a high end PC, but when i bought this game i was sure that my system will be able to run it at smooth 60FPS on medium at least.
But drops are real…
Especially combat drops and while driving a car.
And especially on some places in Promethea, the most big drop i have noticed was 39 fps.

My specs
Ryzen 5 1600 on his factory settings.
RX 580 8gb
16gb RAM running at 3000MHz.
Also game installed on HDD.
I will reinstall it on SSD tomorrow but i’m 99% sure that it won’t help at all.

After two hours of playing temps are
61c GPU and 52-53c CPU.

Is this okay for my specs or there are any problems on my side?
I don’t really remember that huge drops in any other 2019 games.

This game is a hot mess of poorly optimised ones and zeros. Do yourself a favor and uninstall it right now and get a refund while you still can. Quick, before it gives your machine aids.

Soz, that was really unhelpful…or was it?

As a person who had grind a thousands of hours in Borderlands 2, this game like a breath of fresh air.
Even with this performance issues game is still damn attractive for me xD

Agreed that the game is really fun, no doubt. I too, like you, have put in my fair share of grind with this franchise over the years. I guess I am still really salty about the performance issues that overwhelmed the experience with BL3.
I happily purchased the game on launch with a season pass. I regret that decision. In hindsight, I wish I had waited for actual player based reviews and held off until the many reported issues have been fixed. Maybe the steam release would of been a better launching point.
I am 3/4 through the storyline and just have no desire to play through this mess any longer. I am not engaged or enjoying the story as I am constantly distracted by the performance issues. That sucks because I have loved BL’s since the original release. Just trying to save you some heartache my man. I am playing other stuff for a while until they (hopfuly) sort the issues out.

Well i see what you trying to say but. .
It’s pretty hard for me to find an interesting game, really.
Literally have nothing to play while waiting for those (hopefully) future fixes:(

Dont listen to the other guy. Game is great, optimization is ■■■■■■. But after a lot of tweaking i am able to maintain 60 fps on low with a 1050ti and 8gb ddr3 ram


I have the same PC. switching to DiretcX12 helped me. FPS is almost always 72 (my limitation). DiretcX11 had strong FPS drawdowns.

We already have many topics on performance of the game, please add to those instead of making new ones