Another Question About Battleborn Pre-Order

It took a while, but I found a away to play Windows games on my Mac! I want to buy Battleborn, but I have a question. What happens after I buy it? Is it downloaded into my computer? Or what?

Well if you buy it digitally it will be downloaded into your Steam library.

If you buy a physical disc it will also go into your steam library, but you’ll need to disc to play it.

Since when do you need a disc to play steamworks games? They just tie to your account and ggwp.

I pulled that out of my ass, I’ve never actually bought a physical game on PC that links to steam.

If you dont need the disc, whats stopping you just giving it all your friends? Or are they DRMed and the Disc just a single use USB?

They come with a code yo.
I haven’t bought physical copy of a game on pc since Meat Boy, which was many moons ago, that just had a code that linked it to your account.

Pretty much. Even though you have a physical copy of the game, you still need to have Steam running to play it.

The game requires Steam? I can’t use my trick through Steam!

The Borderlands series does, but I don’t think anybody from GBX has mentioned it’ll be a Steam game yet.

Well, i saw in one video about the Demo a Steam pop-up (With something like “Battleborn5 is now playing Battleborn”)
So i guess the game is already using Steam servers for multiplayer testing/demo.