Another reason why frequent small level cap increases are bad

So I had a small break since the cap increase but got on to check out the event and the new guns. While running around Slaughter Shaft a God roll Brainstormer dropped with the perfect anointment for my FL4K, who is my main character. Normally I’d be stoked but to be honest there was only mild excitement. That was because I knew this weapon won’t have a long life, it will have to be replaced in a few months when the cap goes up again.

So that’s how I felt getting a God drop within the first couple of weeks of the cap increase, minor excitement. Imagine what it would be like getting something in 3 months time? I think I’d actually be frustrated knowing within weeks it will be severely gimped. This is what all these frequent level cap increases are going to do to me. Maybe I’m in the minority here and the rest of people are going to still get just as excited when things drop, but for me this aspect of the game (which is the biggest part of the game, seeing sweet loot drop) has been greatly effected in a negative way.

I know there was always going to be level cap increases, but 2 big ones spread out 12 months apart is different in regards to loot. Towards the end of that level cycle you have tried all the different builds and VHs you wanted and you are looking forward to a meaningful cap increase and going up 12 levels is fun and you don’t mind starting to farm all your gear again. With frequent 3 level increases it just doesn’t feel that way for me.


even if you eat a large level cap increase your god drop can still appear while you are levelling. It would be even more short lived than now… shrug… irreconciliable philosophical disagreement as Pain would say lol


With or without the level cap increase, no Anointment has garnered more than mild interest from me. More excited just to get the kind of gun I want, and that hasn’t changed either. ::shrug::

Fair enough. But I guess with leveling from say 50 to 61, it won’t take long so you wouldn’t be doing a lot of farming in that time, and I also think your mentality would be a little different during that time, you’d be trying to get a gun that will help with the rest of your leveling knowing it won’t be for once you hit the cap.


Another point, with 2 spread out cap increases they will always come with a big DLC so the excitement of leveling through that will help with letting your items go and refarming at the new cap.

With frequent cap increases you can’t have new content come out every time (as we already have seen with the first one).


I was happy to get a cap increase and I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that this micro increase was only to help balance. However it seems this way of increasing level caps helps established YouTube channels more than anyone else. Just imagine every few months they get to recycle old builds as new content, well devs thanks for reminding us we’re just the plebs if that’s the case.

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A three level difference doesn’t make all of your gear obsolete - that’s just nonsense lol


That’s what I like.
At first I didn’t like the idea of small increase but with only 3 levels. You don’t need to re-farm everything right away. That “god roll” gun might not live to the end of time but it will still be usable after a 3 level increase.


But is ‘usable’ anything to get really excited about when it drops? With regular small cap increases the drops won’t be anything to get excited about because they are only going to be great for a couple months and then ‘usable’ for a few more until I find something better. For me this isn’t fun and I see myself just playing sparingly until the final level cap. Again this is all just me personally, everyone is different.


I have a level 50 Bekah with a 100% damage ASE anointment on it. It still eats enemies alive on my FL4K.

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i will take any increase in any shape and form


The one thing that doesn’t get talked about enough with level cap changes is the impact on shields. A level 53 transformer has 3440 more capacity than a level 50.

For many Fl4K/Moze players on Wotan this is quite a hit… Obviously they can be re-farmed at 53. But the issue of survival and speed on Fl4k is still noticeable IMO on M4 Wotan running anything but Meta Fade Away… Same issues with Moze on speed…

The low increase in skill points have not helped niche builds enough IMO to justify the farming frenzy and trading burnout that many in the community have noted - just for 3 levels. People have taken extended breaks because of this. And this is not a wine…

Zane on the other hand, you could solo M4 scaled to 4 persons with your eyes closed on a level 48 shield… :cold_face: I am glad that this exists and long may it continue…people should be able to try all sorts of builds, at all sorts of difficulties, and experiment with their preferred play styles. Anyone who says different, I often question their motives.

Also, it not being anywhere near Halloween, many ammo regen builds thus get put into sheild stasis - a lot of players use these on all characters rather than extra-projectile builds which just brick the FPS, and albeit fun for a while, many just prefer the ammo regen. Each to their own though.

Opening boxes for ammo, or needing to use Vending Machines, should not be required for people running Meta builds at M4… As after 10 playthroughs it gets very boring… And the Cutpurse Melee is welcome for some applications (yet another time-drain on mobbing.) But horrible for sniper ammo regen (i.e. where distance from enemies is the whole point of running snipers… :hot_face:)

I think it would be great if we have some way of farming for ammo regen shields outside of Halloween. It would be great it these could be created outside of terror - e.g. Ideally during Action Skill - when you need it! And then during Halloween the terror junkies can load their boots again… Who doesn’t want to try to farm for an extra projectile kybs?

I am happy with small level increases if thought is given to impact of builds people are currently running or may want to run.

This game is so much fun. And the new DLC looks epic. I just hope the dev’s steer away from too regular increases, or at least make provision for those builds that will suffer from such increases, as outlined above.

I see it sort of like the OP levels in BL2 – my 72 gear lasted well enough through OP2 or OP3. I’d easily get a few more good useable items at these levels (mainly from running Digistruct Peak). At OP4 & OP8 I farmed Torgue vending machines & re-ran the Capt. Scarlett DLC for a few choice things. I haven’t found the 3-level increase so bad for the characters I’ve been running (passing off good anointed finds for other characters for some future date). So, I’m not too against small increases.


How do we know that they’re gonna be frequent though? It seems like this increase was just released because we didn’t have any new content for a while. After seeing the roadmap and all of the stuff in store, I doubt there will be another increase for a while (I may be wrong though).

And I’m pretty sure they said on the Borderlands Show that the reason the increase was so small was because the VH’s skill trees are stronger this time, so a big increase would break the game or something.


:laughing: That’s how I feel.
I didn’t like the idea when it was announced so I understand those who still don’t like it. Like everything else there’s pros and cons.

That’s what do. I play all four VH even though Zane is my main. I don’t play CCC/Barrier. My gunner use her Iron Bear for more than her anointment…
For many gamers diversity mean being able to play that specific build at max level on the most difficult run.
That’s not diversity in my opinion and they’re the one the most penalized by small increase.

We don’t but it look that way.
Small increased in between events and paid DLC. That way vanilla player can be at the same level as everyone.

I think they are and there’s not as much room left than when BL2 came out. I seriously doubt we’ll make it to 72. Let alone 80!

Yeah meta builds are limited and not very diverse - and definitely get penalised far too quickly. Yet small increases in level or minor buffs to some weapons will not change that IMO. I mean all the research I think points to the fact that many players often just stick to one character and a few builds… And I have not really seen a convincing argument why this is a problem.

Also why even bother to balance around meta… Just leave it for those who like that feel. No one has bragging rights on extra-projectile, Tediore clucking, etc, other than a certificate in gaming stat intelligence, farming or trading. But they are fun to play and that’s still diversity…

I like yourself like running multiple characters and builds… The game really could do with some help to facilitate this approach though… And giving ways to support ammo regen, regardless of seasonal bonuses, I don’t think would hamper build diversity for those who play multiple ones.

Little level caps are great on many levels. But I’d rather have time to get more builds complete. Then have a hike of like 10 levels in a year and start the build quest fresh… Or have no more level increases at the end of the last DLC with all skill points unlocked…But I’m probably in the minority on here on this issue for those playing on console. As few people want to run multiple characters and builds on consoles because its such a pain in the arse to do so ATM! Especially with incremental level increases… it becomes a menial office job rather than a blood filled loot and shoot…


That’s GBX arguments for not having DLC characters. :man_shrugging:

I feel you there. Takes time to refine everything and we’re chasing our tails! :smiley:

I know. I’m adapting my “mules strategy” among other things.

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