Another small BL3 idea

I hate to be that guy, but uhhh… more ideas! (I can’t wait for Battleborn, I will support Gbx all the way! or as long as my wallet stretches.)

So what’s the biggest difference between Borderlands and other fairly large RPGs, such as the Division, and Destiny? I don’t really know. But what I do know, is that Borderlands is quite lacking in cosmetics!

In BL1, most legendaries were kinda meh, just used a new material on an old model. Then in BL2 they were a bit better, but overall lacking. Char customization in 1 was just… meh, and in 2, was a lot better.

But I have another idea. Split class mods into more than one item, and make them all affect cosmetics, similar to how class mods slightly alter char aesthetics. Not only would this allow players a slight more degree of aesthetic freedom, but it also allows for more radical and fun builds!

Basically, class mods are split into 4 parts, each one aesthetically links to the char (so Axton’s shoulder digistruct module, or Maya’s spell book), and each part offers a small bonus, i.e. +5 to one skill. You can have 4 of these equipped at one time, and each part has a predefined pool of skills they buff. This allows people to combine the 4 parts to be basically a class mod, but with more cosmetic effects, and more fleixibility for builds.

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While I’m not sure if having four separate class mods is necessary, the base idea of class mods having a more aesthetic appeal itself is rather interesting. It would make class mods similar to accessories. I can imagine getting ones that look like scarves, robotic angel wings, armor pieces or elemental auras. Definitely a cool(and fun) idea. That being said, if the did implement this I would suggest they provide the option to hide mods. Nothing is worse in other games where stat items provide cosmetics than finding a better piece of gear that looks like ■■■■.

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I don’t think splitting the class mods into separate accessories is necessary, but I would like to see cosmetic changes based maybe on the skills you take. I think of Wilhelm in TPS, whose appearance was modified based on taking particular skills, or how Deathtrap’s appearance in BL2 was altered by taking particular skills with Gaige. Something along those lines would be great, methinks.

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as a WoW player i can empathise with this, whilst gear and stats are important so is aesthetic. i feel like the borderlands engine would allow for some pretty cool customizable mods. maybe make it so the mods have a distinct shape but conform to the skin pallet set by your overall skin like in bl2.

While it would make balancing hard, I don’t think it’s of major concern, I mean this is Borderlands we’re talking about.

For example, in Bl2 you would have a class mod that gave +2 to Skill A, and +3 to Skill B. My proposition is to split these into two different class parts, with a knee pad (for example) giving the +2 to Skill A, and then a pair of fingerless hacker gloves giving you a +3 to Skill B.

It’s just an idea, but I think it would allow for more cosmetic changes, and different build variety, which is always nice. This could also work for relics, currently they aren’t very aesthetic…

Imo the weapons in bl1 were far better than those of the sequels.
Just because they added a few extra digits so they could spawn extra junk and for some reason have to increase the dmg was a game killer and a real turn off for me.
Bazillions of more weapons just makes for Bazillions of more junk and a waste of devs time.

due to the amount of hidden stats and variables in the bl1 loot pool it actually contained a much wider variety of guns and yes i agree a much better selection (masher, anarchy need i say more?) so many of the bl2 guns are literally worthless.

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So true! I think this time around though GBX should dramatically increase compatibility of gun/ item parts only capping add on stats like bullet speed to prevent lag or collective damage. And give us almost complete freedom thru in game digistruct modding (hybrid grinder)

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