Another Thank You, and a Question

Hello Gearbox fellas!

Firstly I want to say a HUGE thank you! When I first heard there was gonna be a Homeworld Remastered, I was crazy excited! That excitement was a little bit lessened when I saw some of the issues in the early videos (resource collector beam for instance), but I went ahead and preordered anyway (even though I still don’t have a computer that can run it). Then when I saw that you fixed that, and have been diligently patching the things that the community had issues with, all of my excitement came back in full! So once again…thank you SOO much for not only recreating this awesome game, but also for listening to the community (even the terrible whiners) and fixing things!

I’m also curious…why did Gearbox decide to release in this manner? Why not start with a beta (like you did with the multiplayer), and then wait for the full release until after all of these issues that are now being fixed in patches were fixed?

But anyway, thanks again! I’m SOOO happy that Homeworld is back and looking this beautiful! I can’t wait till I save the money to build myself a rig to play it on :slight_smile:


If you’ll take just a normal user’s opinion on the matter I think the reason why they didn’t release single player as a beta is because HW is about the story, the journey first and foremost. The campaign is what gives Homeworld its soul. It’s a little different perhaps than some would have wanted it to be, 16 years is a lot of nostalgia to fight after all. But I believe, as per my experiences with the single player, that not too many ran into game stopping bugs. Having the majority of people be able to relive the story, the soul of the game (yes again even with some gameplay changes) without interruption or frustration of bugs is in my opinion the best thing they could have done to show their own appreciation for it.

An updated engine (and all the other bells and whistles they added/are adding) will hopefully keep the game relevant for another 16 years rather than the 2 years a simple fresh coat of paint or a beta single player would have done.

Just what I think :stuck_out_tongue: