Another Thread About Battleborn Matchmaking

Don’t usually have a problem with matchmaking. I lose some, I win some; but sometimes I just think to myself, “how did this happen”? From what I’ve read matchmaking is not based on command level, but more wins and losses, K/D, etc. So, how did this happen? I am playing with one other guy, and we are matched with a three person party, playing against all solos if I recall correctly. This game was not fun for either side, especially the other team. I am not angry or anything, I just think we need to stop this from happening as much as possible so we don’t scare off newer players; And thus, bringing it to GBX’s attention that it is in fact happening. Games should not be anywhere near this lopsided (in reference to player skill).

Could you contribute to one of those other threads? That’d be groovy.