Another topic about COM reworks

I know it’s been done, but I’d like to try my hand at it. Not like I can spend my time making actual builds or anything with the current state boyo is in.

Antifreeze: Make the movement speed buff high enough that Zane is actually faster when slowed.

Cold Warrior: Replace ‘random status’ with ‘activate kill skills’, and add damage to frozen/chilled enemies.

Conductor: modify or remove the ‘max’ shock damage bonus. Good idea in theory, but would work a lot better if it increased as time went on, rather than hit an arbitrary cap, rather than getting weaker as ASA runs out. A 50-56% (depending on math, unsure) shock increase isn’t really worth it compared to other coms, especially when it starts draining immediately and doesn’t reward further extension.

Executor: I feel this would benefit from Donnybrook as a skill over one of the others. Haven’t used this one much myself, as it doesn’t appear to do much to address the problem Zane has of keeping kill skills up against bosses.

Infiltrator: Maybe buff the stats, or offer damage reduction, but otherwise I’d say it’s a good mod. Probably his second best, imo.

Seein Dead: Swap the ‘chance to activate kill skills when dealing damage’ with Seein Red’s ‘activate kill skills when activating action skills’ bit, keep the 25% boost. Seein Dead is too good, and Seein Red is only really good for ASE builds and for getting the initial damage buff at the start of the fight.

Shockerator: Scrap the word ‘melee’ from the mod, make Zane also produce Shock novas, maybe increase nova damage (unsure of damage, so take that with a grain of salt).

Techspert: When Zane activates his SNTNL skill, he summons two drones instead. SNTNL counts as two skills while active, allowing for a maximum of three simultaneous ‘skills’. Change the skills to something less random, such as Synchronicity or Borrowed Time.

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Idea for the Cold Warrior- when an enemy is frozen, it constantly sends out a Cryo DoT and a Cryo Nova on death. Essentially how Radiation works but it freezes people.

Im also 100% convinced that Shockerator should be a BARRIER com instead of a Digiclone one. Give it shock novas when hit for the Barrier (essentially give it Shock Faulty Star and you can stack that with DD) And maybe make it Cryo since Zane actually has very little Cryo

Executor should stack twice like the rest of his blue kill skills. And maybe replace a skill with DFC. Executor is actually one of his better coms, it gives Cryo effiency and a multiplative Crit buff which Zane needs

This one is a bit controversial- change Infiltrator to FULL shields and let it recharge your shield to full. This DOES ruin the Rough Rider build with it (granted they could just internally change the interaction but they probably wouldn’t)- but it synergizes more with Barrier tree. Almost no shields OR skills incentive Zane from having a broken shield and keeping it. And thus gives the new cannon AS coming soon a way to regen all shields which should be fun.

Techspert should literally just be Laser Guided+ Rolling Thunder from TPS Wilhelm. Something like “While an enemy is targeted by SNTL and dies, SNTL gets Duration and gives the drone %5/10 damage per kill” You could also make it a Clone com by giving it Boom Enhance.

Speaking of Boom Enhance, give it to the Conductor. As in, you CONDUCT the Clone to kill for you. I also agree with giving the Conductor a change to how it scales.

Antifreeze is a weird one- it tries to incentive you to be frozen but its really weird about it. No movement buff will fix it, no matter how fast you go, Cryo will NOT let you slide. I propose they give the Rad Suit effect but Cryo. Incidentally, that lets you spam the Pestilence with Trick of the Light without killing yourself.

You also forgot the Hustler: Remove the on crit reset, make the crit a regular crit instead of a post add crit so it gets crit bonuses, and change Adrenaline and Like a Ghost to CCC and Refreshment

Cold warrior: barrier freezes on contact
skills: Adrenaline, refreshment, violent speed
(melee build?!)

Shockerator: shock arcs to near enemies that drain shield and recharge duration
Skills: donnybrook, praemunitus , boom enhance

Executor: what it already does, + automatically activate kill skills every 20sec (22,5? 25?)
Skills are fine

Infiltrator: change gun damage to multiplicative, consumes shield on ASA and amps the next shot by that amount, amped shot damage recharges the shield by X% of the damage dealt.
Skills are fine.

Techspert:if an enemy is killed by SNTNL all cooldowns are reset and durations are refreshed. Also resets the usage of almighty ordnance.
Skills: good misfortune, synchronicity, supersonic man

Conductor: 50% per stack, + shock nova on ASA or action skill refresh
Skills: brainfreeze, which ones real, borrowed time

Antifreeze: while chilled all damage taken is converted to cryo damage, gains X% additional cryo damage.
Skills: best served cold, stiff upper lip, trick of the light

Hustler: is real crit, doesn’t decay on crit, limited to the enemy hit
Skills: violent violence, nerves of steel, confident competence

My take, hope GBX likes it.

Cold Warrior: I’d say, just slap an Icebreaker effect on there. Extra cryo damage, extra cryo efficiency and increased damage against frozen enemies. Also, replace Trick of the Light with Brainfreeze.

Conductor: Increase the max shock bonus to 75%. Also, allow it to further increase the bonus for a short time whenever you kill an enemy and replace Adrenaline with Synchronicity.

Executor: Remove Good Misfortune and instead allow it to boost Death Follows Close by one point, allowing you to get extremely long kill skill uptime.

Shockerator: Zane and his Clone are connected by a beam of electricity. Enemies who come in contact with the beam take damage and are staggered. 30% of damage dealt by the Beam is returned to both Zane and the Clone as shield. Swapping places an electric coil on the ground where the Clone previously was, dealing continuous damage to all nearby enemies.
Skills changed to Donnybrook, Cool Hand and Supersonic Man.

Techspert: Grants Zane the Almighty Ordnance Augment. If the Drone manages to achieve a kill, the duration of all active action skills is fully restored and any inactive action skill loses 5 seconds of its cooldown.
Skills changed to Borrowed Time, Violent Violence and Hearty Stock.

Hustler: Changed Post-add crits to actual crits. Kill Skill: Killing an enemy with a critical hit grants 15% ammo regen for 5 seconds.
Replaced Ready for Action and Like a Ghost with Praemunitus and Supersonic Man.

Agree here, Infiltrator is already decent but could use an extra push on its unique effect to sweeten the deal. I quite enjoy this class mod even if it is a downgrade from Seein’ Dead.

Also on the same page here. Overall a cool design on this class mod for a niche nova/grenade focus but the “melee” condition on the special effect seems unnecessary. Definitely not a fan of other suggestions which would remove this class mod’s identity and turn it into something else.

Hmm, that seems like a cool idea. Having 2/1 in Death Follows Close could be interesting depending where the second point puts its bonuses. Would be disappointing if it was like Moze’s Some for the Road and the second point only acted as a small boost on top of what the first point offers. Also a fan of being able to stack Executor’s bonuses like you suggested.

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Just dusted off an old Infiltrator mod.

It’s pretty good. Would likely benefit more from an ASE build, but cbf replacing all my sntnl cryo guns to test it. Will likely be better once we get Zane’s 4th tree.

Also, fun as hell with a Hellwalker and an Initiative shield.

Here’s a suggestion for Techspert:

  • Grants Zane’s SNTNL the almighty ordnance augment.
  • Almighty Ordnance one time use cap removed.
  • Zane gains increased splash damage based on how long SNTNL is active. Up to +100%

Duct Tape Mod, Drone Delivery, Borrowed Time

(+100% as an example, skills as an example)

Just saw this, seems relevant to the thread

Can someone give me a summary?

He discusses why other mods are bad and why Seein Dead is so good, as well as which skills in his skill trees are generally not good for end game.

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