Another upcoming tool preview

I’m working on a Unity-based visual editor for parade formations. Later on it might expand to broader goals, but that’s the issue I’m focusing on right now. It’s got a lot of work left to go, but I got loading and basic editing working, so I’m confident enough in it’s eventual usability to show you a clip of the current version.

Note, it does NOT load meshes from hod files. It has to be provided with objs to load. This is set up with mod ships in mind, so it won’t be limited to a preexisting ship library. I intend to make some video documentation of setup and use once it’s releasable.


Awesome. :smiley:

lemme know if you need some unity help… here is what i have been cooking up.


Wow i love it!!!

i have just joined to this forum and im trying my hand at making some Remodels for Homeworld RM…just very basic stuff atm but still trying

Progress update: Got loading a bit more thoroughly hooked up to the UI, saving is implemented and verified to work, and some visualization configuration is also set up now. Still need a few more editing functions, and GUI for certain mod-loading context setup. There’s also a lot of UI niceness I’d like to do that I’m not sure I’ll actually get done before making this available to the public.

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Neat :smiley:

It’s to the point where it’s usable for me, but not really releasable. Putting it to use now is letting me get some polishing done along the way as I hit small usability snags.


wow thats awesome…i cant make much in Unity but its good fun :smiley:

No, this project is NOT dead. I’m using it right now to polish up the current version of HW:@, but unfortunately the last time I tried to hand a build off to someone else it didn’t run for mysterious reasons. If I ever get the time to resolve that mystery, I’ll be getting somewhere. In the mean time, unfortunately other things demand my time.