Another UVHM Frustration Question

OK–I understand slagging as much as possible as well as critical hits, but can anyone tell me:

I am at level 53 or so and my best weapons produce about 30-35k damage while it seems the enemy with one hit has me down.

Are there missions that can get me better weapons with more damage?

Are any missions “easy” in order to obtain more money/weapons?

I have 25 or so golden keys–should I use them now or save for a higher level?

Any other new hints?



First off who are you playing and what’s your build? Use to show your build.

Then what are your weapons and gear?
Where are you in the story?


I am playing UHVM Axton and have set my skills to Guerilla to get the slag turret and the remainder of my skill points in gunpowder. Nothing in survival. Not sure how to use the link–I go to it but can’t save.

Weapon wise my best revolver is the Unkempt Harold about 8k damage and also have several 35k snipers. I do have several others of varying strength but don’t have a good shotgun. I use mainly sniper rifles and the Harold which seems to do the most damage.

I do have some enhancements re load speed, damage, etc which I am also using

As for the story–pretty early–just finished the Doc Mercy mission and keep farming there to try and get an infinity. That’s about as far as I have gotten—I guess I can go back to the story missions with I think the firebird next.

If you think I need to post exactly what I have I can.

Thanks for the help.

For the link fill out the skill tree and then copy and paste the url back here.

Damage on card can mean little to what the guns do. So if you could post the names of the guns that would help.

I wouldn’t waste time on the infinity, its not very strong and way weaker than the Harold.

You can always farm newer harolds if yours starts to get below your level (5 levels and you should be looking for updated guns), Then you can farm the Lascaux in Frostburn which is easy, its a great gun and easy to get. If you have a solid sniper, lascaux, and harold you have long, medium, and long range covered.

Without seeing your build but going from what you wrote, you need survival in UVHM, don’t skip all those.

That thread has links to a lot of the essentials, top gear, skills guide, how to stay alive, etc…

For me its the same thing as TVHM was but more intense.

When you first start TVHM…I was immediatly getting much better gear to use to make the fight more equal. In UVHM that seemed to take more time.

Enemies take an INSANNNNEEEEE amount of damage. I am willing to bet there are enemies who take more damage than every single enemy you killed the entire original playthrough COMBINED alone. In a single fight…you are gonna end up doing more damage than you did in the entire game beforehand.

Slag and critical shots…an ABSOLUTE Must in UVHM.

I am fighting enemies who I can critical hit doing 1 million damage and it not even take away one 100th of their health ba.

Well, I’d start investing in the survival tree and maybe respec to move some points into it, particularly on the skills that boost shield performance (Preparation, Pressure and Quick Charge are the ones you should be going for at the moment). Damage boosts are good, but they aren’t everything. There’s no point in being a cannon if you’re going to be a glass cannon. Keep in mind the weapons you’ll be using most of the time and build your spec accordingly. Axton is good with grenades and explosive weapons, but if you don’t plan on focusing mostly on them on your playstyle, skills that boost only those types of weapons aren’t really that important. I’d also suggest looking for a purple Tediore shield with recharge rate higher than capacity and recharge delay as low as possible (lower than 2 seconds would be ideal). They’re usually called “Fast Acting Shield”, “Instant Shield” or just “Shield”. You can try the golden chest and the loot train from the Mercenary Day headhunter pack to farm for one. In combination with those shield skills from the survival tree, a seemingly generic shield like that will considerably improve your survivability while leveling up. Just trust me on this.

Your weapons seem decent enough, but are they close to your level? Always try to keep your inventory as close to your level as possible. Once again, spending some golden keys every now and then is a good way to do this. You can get more of them by redeeming the codes posted on this thread and from this list of archived codes. Just remember that the same way there’s more to a shield than its capacity, there’s more to a weapon than its damage. General performance and DPS (damage per second) are a lot more important than just having high damage listed on the card.

It seems to me that most of your problems come from having an unbalanced build, or maybe just a build that’s unsuitable to start UVHM with. Try to post your build here the way Derch suggested, so we can take a look at it and give you some specific advice.

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OK–not sure I did this right, but here is the link (is there no save button?) after I did some respecing.

As for weapons–here is what I have:
smooth lascaux
earnest spiker
crammed unkempt harold
surgical railer

onslaught grenaidier
filled cannon
intense unkempt harold
potent aegis
win win lady fist
hard hand cannon
scoria aegis
fidle dee deee
bad touch bangstik
hefty plasma caster
chickamin mucmamuck
tumtum muckamuck

Things are starting to get a little easier with the turret throwing out slag-

Thanks for all the help

Yeah, that’s how you do it. There’s no save button, the URL changes with every point you spend or move around, so just copying and pasting it here is enough to share it. That spec actually looks alright for this point in the game. It’s actually similar to what I had around that level on my commando. However, I’d suggest moving the points from Crisis Management into Willing, as I think you’d benefit more from Willing at this point. Crisis Management is a very situational skill and it works better when you have a very specific playstyle and gear loadout in mind. If you start having trouble killing enemies while in FFYL without Crisis Management, you could use a Tenacity relic with boosts to FFYL time and health regained on second winds. It was my go to relic at the beginning of UVHM exactly because it helped increase my survivability during those tough times. Also remember to use a class mod that fits your playstyle and boosts some of your skills. The one I used while leveling up (before getting my hands on a Legendary Soldier) was a Front Line Engineer. It should work well with your build.

Most of your weapons seem alright. I’d give up on the Spikers, though (but that may be just a case of personal preference - I never liked using them, never managed to make them work properly). Remember, you want high DPS, not just high damage. The Lascaux is very good. The Harolds and the Muckamucks are great as high damage (but slow) options. Corrosive Plasma Casters just destroy armored enemies and loaders. For shotguns, I’d suggest Hyperion Thinking shotties and Jakobs Coach Guns. Those are the ones I used the most while leveling up. The Torgue Ravager might be a better option than the Bangstick. Keep an eye out for Maliwan Sniders, as they’re great elemental sniper rifles. Keep the rocket launcher you like equipped to help you out with second winds (I’d favor reload speed and fire rate over damage for this). Like I said before, remember to keep them as close to your level as possible and always try to match elements to the enemy weakness (corrosive for armor - fire for flesh - shock for shields).

If you’re still having trouble keeping Axton alive after all of this, take a look at all of the strategy tips on this thread and try to apply some of them to your playstyle. The most important ones to me are to slag everything, always aim for critical hits and break line of sight constantly (never stop moving and don’t be too proud to run for cover every now and then). Also, this thread should give you better understanding of Axton’s skills and give you pointers on where to spend your next skill points.

Gut offered some great advice. I would also advise dropping the Railer. E-Tech snipers consume two ammo for every shot, a huge disadvantage with the limited amount of sniper ammo you can carry, and they take a penalty on critical hit damage, which is the opposite of what you want for your snipers.

The 100 Ways to Stay Alive thread is excellent; there’s some more Axton-specific info in this thread as well.

As for your skill tree, I’m gonna agree with taking Willing over Crisis Management. Axton has some of the best shield-related skills in the game, and using them in conjunction with each other can really help boost your survivability. Since you already have Pressure and Quick Charge, you’re probably not getting the most out of Crisis Management anyways. If you insist on taking a skill that boosts FFYL effectiveness, take Last Ditch Effort. It’s a much better skill for second wind purposes, I believe.

My skill tree for Axton looked something like this at level 55. Two points away from Gemini/Double Up, and great survivability to boot. Then you can start heading down the Guerilla tree and get your other DPS skills like you had earlier. Best of luck to you!

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Thank you guys for taking the time to help out—it does seem things are getting a little less frustrating!!

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Just one more question/comment: To get the slag throwng turret I need to invest 5 skill points in crisis management and therefore kind of short Willing.

Unless I am doing something wrong on the respec??


You don’t need to spend points in every tier. Any five you pick will bring you to next tier.
So basically, you will reach the final tier and skill if you spend 25 skill points in one tree. As such you don’t need to spend points in Crisis Management and instead put them into Willing and still reach Double Up.

Not gonna lie, depending on the character you play, early UVHM can be REALLY difficult, possibly moreso than some OP levels because you can be missing lots of vital skills that can make your character much stronger. That said, lets see how i can help…
This is probably what i’d try to do near your level. Unfortunately, not having longbow can hurt, but its more than made up for with TWO turrets! I put points into forebearence cause DoTs are absolutely ridiculous, and i didnt know what else to put the three points into.

Please for the love of god, get rid of that railer. The Muckamuck does around the same damage on a crit, and consumes only 1 ammo per shot. It doesnt sound like a big deal, until you notice that snipers have a very shallow ammo pool. Also, ditch the spiker, Etech rarity guns are generally trash, with the exception of plasma casters. Other than that, your weapons are great for where you’re at!

Heres my suggested weapon set for you:
Tumtum Muckamuck
Smooth Lascaux
Gwen’s Head (any element, REALLY easy to get, very viable Dahl pistol)
Weapon of your choice, preferrably shotgun or rocket launcher

slag transfusion or leech if the former isnt easily accessible. This will be your method of healing. Works well with your grenadier COM for extra healz.

If you happen to have a Creamer, you could probably use a singularity grenade then (Quasar ideal), so you can group up enemies to make the turrets damage multiple enemies at a time, as well a give you a huge crowd control advantage.

Id save your golden keys. If youre at bunker, you can farm him for some really nice purple gear and the occasional sham/b1tch

Hope this helped!

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Maxed out Quick Charge already does a pretty good job at canceling DoT. Forbearance is not very effective while mobbing and a very situational skill in general. I’d put those 3 points into Grit, personally. I’d also switch Grenadier for Able. If grenades aren’t a huge part of the playstyle, there’s no point in speccing into it. With a build like that, I really doubt he would need grenades for healing or even slag. I know for sure that I never needed them with my commando. Other than that, you gave pretty good advice all around.

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Best thing for UVHM is friends…
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Thanks for the offer----Xbox tho