Another VIP Activity problem (E3 GAMEPLAY VIDEO) [SOLVED]

As in screenshots, I can’t earn points for the E3 Gameplay demo video. All the others are ok, I tried Firefox and Chrome, all the popup blockers disabled, I saw the video dozens of times but nothing.
Any suggestions?

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Did You tried to log out and back in? I know it sounds stupid but it really helped some people with VIP site.

I do know that you have to keep the video in the active tab all the way to the very end (no window switching while the video runs in the background). I believe you also have to watch the embedded video, not follow the link out to YT. Other than that, not sure what the issue might be - do you have 3rd party cookies enabled or disabled for the site?

Log out on vip and shift, cache cleared , still nothing

I opened the video in a browser witout change tab ( i put the browser behind other windows ) . i’ll try the embedded and will check the 3rd party cookies, however all other videos worked for me.
I noticed this one is the only that requires age verification…
Till now i tried on 2 different pc and 1 smartphone :cold_sweat:

It has to be the front window (the one in focus) and stay that way for the entire video. If the browser window is in the background, it won’t trigger even if the video plays to the end.

That’s right ^ it need to be the front window. Start video and turn speed x2 at least helps a little.

Really strange… all others didnt’ need this… i’ll try to a while ( i’m at work now :slight_smile: )

LOL it worked!
I was fooled by the fact that for all the other videos it wasn’t necessary to watch them all from the beginning to the end, keep them in front without other windows, or other browser tabs.
Even for some, I opened the link and immediately closed the page (I performed many activities all at once).
It is also possible to use a workaround that I used at work, having two monitors: I opened the page in the second monitor, put the volume to minimum and turned off the monitor. I have not tried removing the audio.
Thanks !