Another XBOX One X Crash and Multiplayer Vehicle Issues

I thought it was a particular machine, but just happened on my second One X. Most of the time it is when lots of graphic elements are on screen (like during a porcelain grenade attack), but this time it was during level loading. Its happening every couple of hours now. Please please please fix this.

Slowness and jittery graphics on a Scorpio, even with the res turned down to 1080P is not right. Also, how many of you have experienced undrivable vehicles when in multiplayer???

Vehicles ain’t a problem however, I do have crashes more so now after update. Seems to be more so when I use firestorm grenade on my digi clone as Zane. Just last night it froze up 3 times and completely shut off my xbox once. I have switched to both performance and resolution yet nothing helps anymore. Since then I just got frustrated and got off the game. Hopefully next patch will help with these issues as it seems pretty common.

Same here and for some reason I have been getting it really bad today. Tried different settings but no luck. I’m on a one x and performance is terrible on this game right now.

Ya I’m on the X as well hopefully they have a fix soon…

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I was hoping for some stability enhancements with the Oct 5th patch. Still having crashes when trying to enter co-ops. Seems to be far more prevalent when starting a matchmaking session, just as the counter gets down to 1 and the co-op starts to load…boom ‘overheating shutdown’ happens.

It also happened on a boss fight last night. Threw a grenade at the boss in the Basilica and ‘overheating shutdown’. UGH!!!

Dude stop playing until a patch is done. Hell, demand a refund, if you can’t wait.

The consoles have safeguards in place but they are not perfect and you could unknowingly be damaging it little by little.

Also, I’ve seen a few videos of these shutdown happening and the console has always been in a confined space.

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honestly im thinking the same. I avoid random matchmaking, because for whatever reason when I try to match with other people it’s starts to COOK my xbox. If I play multiplayer i’m always host and i let people join me.

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