Answering Lucian's Call: Trial of Cunning Speed Run

The Lucian’s Call was Zane’s original meta weapon in the early days of BL3. I avoided it like the plague because it was meta and back then I was like f*ck meta! :crazy_face: Eventually GBX nerfed the accuracy and handling of the weapon and there was much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth :joy: and the popularity of the gun plummeted. Welp, here we are these many months later and I’ve dusted it off and rubbed Zane’s new Professional skill tree all over it! I present the following for your ‘git gud scrub!’ judgements :grin:

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  • 2:30 - nice save freezing that tink in the air.

  • Why one point in Duct Tape Mod?

  • I love how meta builds/gear seem to become insta-trash the second they’re not considered part of the One True Build… I love me come Lucian’s Call.

  • I don’t think I realized how well Cold Shoulder would freeze enemies. Is that normal for that thing, or is there something feeding it (like Seein’ Dead’s effects)?

  • BL3 is weird without the audio track.

  • I can’t stand any of the callouts for any character in any of the franchises so far, but Zane had a couple that didn’t make me wince.

That’s was sooooooo satisfying! :grin:

To prevent self damage from my grenade. I sometimes use a Fish Slap grenade w/ this build and if I don’t have Duct Tape Mod I get downed a lot.

I’m not using Cold Shoulder. All that freezing is made possible by the shield. It has the Action Skill Start anointment that triggers the shield’s shield break special effect. Giving Zane easy and effective access to ASE and ASS anointments was reason enough for me to pay for the DLC because it turns Zane into a true jack of all trades vault hunter.

I’m a fan of Zane’s callouts but my absolutely favorite thing about Zane is his winded breathing after sprinting. On launch day of this game I started w/ FL4K but after a couple hours I switched to Zane and noticed the breathing. I then played w/ Amara and Moze to see if they did the same thing. They didn’t. And that is the true story of how I became a Zane main. :grin:

How does that work?

Ah… have suddenly found myself abusing Action Skill Start/End anointments with him myself once I figured out that each shot from the MNTS cannon fires these. He may be rotating some new gear into his arsenal for this reason. I’ve been using a Revengenader shield to basically give him grenades back while still having two action skills live, and I think my Rakk FL4K has a Frozen Heart with that anointment. :thinking: