Antagonist problem since update?

Since the update I have a weird issue, when I equip the Antagonist it starts to do the usual charge / fill on my sheild bar and when it hits max capacity it does the little ping noise and the sheild icon lights up. But then the icon starts flashing and I get the ping sound constantly, it drives you mad when playing!

The other odd thing is, if I disable BAR then the sheild stops and all’s good. The Sheild is not a mod, I bought it from the vendor with earned crystals so I have no idea what’s up…anyone?


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Are you using a relic that boosts shield capacity?
When I had a Axton it happend that his skills + the relic made that annoying looping sound.

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No, I’vw got the Sheriffs Badge on. Followed a youtube video of somone switching shields and relics to stop the chirping like 10 times but still no luck!

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I’ve had that ringing noise just from disabling and enabling my bar stats to save the game, ( in case a game crash with just acquiring rare loot). This just started since the latest patch and I’m not using that shield you mentioned.

I wonder if it has more to do with disabling bar than the shield?

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Problem solved, I farmed enough BA tokens to take my shield capacity over 3m and the annoying chirping has gone, so happy, I love my Antagonist!

Thanks all for the advice.