Anthony Burch leaves Gearbox

Good, I hated BL2 story and his lame characters, yes I’m looking at you Handsome Jack, hopefully that means BL3 will be more in vein of BL1.

Borderlands 1 had an awful story, the worst in the series. I hope BL3 isn’t that bad

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Wait… BL1 had a story beyond shoot everything?



BL1 didn’t have a awful story. It had almost none.

I really liked the story of B2 and TPS so I hope they find someone who can continue this.

I prefer a non existant story over having to listen a popping-out-of-nowhere-antagonist-douche talking to me during the entire game, and also taking the setting into a way different direction, thank you very much.

Also I would pay LOTS of money if there was a kickstarter campaign to eradicate Tiny Tina forever.


I don’t understand all of the hatred for her?


You prefer a non-existent story over a well-written, proper Antagonist?


Absolutely not.

If only BL2 had a well-written, proper antagonist.

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But it does. BL1 has a very poorly wrtten Antagonist (IN the base game). Handsome Jack has gotten much praise for being well written. Never heard praise for BL1’s well written Antagonist

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I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on that aspect.

Most of BL1’s plot and characterisation was in the optional echo logs. I think Mikey is a great writer, I almost forgive him for the ending of BL1. I also think that Burch is, he did some great stuff.


In this case, it really is a matter of opinion. And that really can’t be argued.

I’m my opinion, I so hope Mr. Neumann comes back to write any future Borderlands game. Not to mention less meme humor and the like…


You can say what you like about the feel of the BL1 - but the writing and the storyline were the poops. The antagonist was completely inconsequential - The game was pretty much run around and kill stuff to unlock the next area until HUGE boss thingy that kills antagonist that you really don;t care about.

Great gameplay, but BL2 was leaps and bounds better as far as Storyline and characters. (With the exception of Dr. Ned and Knoxx)

In my circle of gaming friends, I haven’t run into any anybody that didn’t love Jack or think Tina was the bomb.

I would say - the one thing that I won’t miss from his writing : “In Post Apocalyptic Space…everyone is gay.”


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I agree with the first part of your post whole-heartedly.
However personally i like tiny tina as she is now. She was a tad annoying in vanilla borderlands 2, but she’s good now.

Well this thread took a nose dive pretty quick.

He is a good writer, I laughed and feeled. BUUUUT I don’t think he was right for Borderlands, Pandora went from Mad Max inspired hellhole to a bright and varied landscape with futuristic technology everywhere.

In Bl1 yes it was the future, but the aesthetic of the guns/buildings etc… Was modern dayish. Everything was run down and REALLY REALLY crapy (remember Atlas was in complete control and Peirce was excited at the prospect of a supply ship coming).

Burch most likely wasn’t responsible for the athesthetic differences, but he was for the tonal shift in story. In Bl1 people were bored, depressed and odd. Because they lived in a trash heap of a planet. People were odd, not chartoonish goofballs (Crazy Earl owns a waterwheel on a tropical island?!?!?!)

I’ve said it before, but I think Bl2 would have worked better if Pandora was still a barren wasteland, except the Hyperion parts. Overlook and other towns are pretty nice, wheras New Haven had a few decent buildings and the rest was metal boxes. Jack wanted the civilise pandora, but compared to Bl1 it was already civilised.

It seems all integretity of the world they build in Bl1 could be thrown away for a quick joke.

I wish Burch all the best, he’s a good writer but I can’t help but feel he wasn’t right for Borderlands (at least what I like in my Borderlands).


I’m a bit saddened by this. I certainly didn’t agree with all Burch’s choices as a writer, but I think he reflects the overall Gearbox concept of what they want to portray in games, particularly Borderlands, more than some of you realize. Certainly it’s true that what ends up in the games isn’t up to one person no matter who he is. Gearbox understands “team play” to the company’s core.

Here’s to wishing him continued success,and -

I hope he comes back. If he does, I hope it’s by his own choice and not just because he needs a job, but I’m up for more Burch writing.

Well best of luck to Anthony. There are now a couple of names known to the forum for being involved in Borderlands moving on from Gearbox. Not sure how it should impact on the series but it would be encouraging to hear about some new blood coming in for Bl3 development.

As to the changes in location style in Bl2, I enjoyed all of them and never felt once that I was not playing a Borderlands game. I understand that others may not feel that way but there were all sorts of things going on in game and pretty sure no whole one thing can be put at Burch’s feet. I enjoyed his work for Gearbox.

Certainly I would struggle to make a case for the writers of Pre-sequel, or even know their names. I have been very disappointed as to the total lack of output after enjoying the ‘Making of’ videos released by Gearbox during the run up to the Pre-Sequel. Some Inside the Box style bios/‘day in the life’ stuff that appeared in the forum during the course of Bl2 and it’s dlc would have been great and informed on some of the processes at work.

Maybe an Inside the Box on ‘major’ reworking of a well known game mechanic (note: not Scooter/Springs) may have helped during that noise a little while back, I’d still love to read that now. In fact I think I’ll go and re-read some of Burch’s old ones just because.


I love his previous work. Most of these things are thought-provoking in a positive way. That stuff isn’t as one-dimensional as a lot of stories in the gaming industry.