Anthony Burch leaves Gearbox

That was actually a blind voice audition. Gearbox had no idea she was Anthony’s sister when she got the job.

If you believe they could not tell that it was Anthony’s sister Ashley then I have some stripped paint, and left handed screwdrivers you might be interested in purchasing. I must admit they squirmed a lot when responding to the comments of nepotism. When it walks like a duck, talks like a duck then it’s a duck.

Never thought I’d get to use this quote.


Handsome Jack was not well written? wow

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Handsome Jack was Burch’s most redeeming character IMO. I loved how much I despised Jack, for all the reasons he intended me to. I really feel that, if Burch had done the due diligence to make sure that BL2 meshed with the established facts and the general tone of the original, I could have really loved BL2 a lot more.


I may not be Mr. Burch’s biggest fan, but I agree Handsome Jack was a great character. I absolutely hated that guy and wanted to kill him so badly. And the fact I was able to have those feelings over a video games speaks for itself.
Unfortunately, in my opinion, there were too many other nitpickings I had with his writing. But Jack was perfect. As well as the entire Dragon Keep story line.


It’s amazing to me all the haters here. I am sorry but aside from the rpg elements in a shooter and guns galore… the corny/corky/bizarre humor and characters are EXACTLY what makes the series stand out for me.

Some of you are actually saying handsome jack was/is lame and annoying? You’ve got to be trolling. He wasn’t fantastic in bltps but he got my blood boiling in bl2 and had some great dark humor. I would definitely put him as one of the greatest villains of all time that’s featured in a video game.

Tiny Tina? Claptrap? Torque? Over the top? Yes. Humorous? Yes.

Some of you must not have a pulse [sense of humor].


couldn’t agree more, all those characters are awesome. i would add to that Ellie, General Knox, Hammerlock, Shade, and the Handsome Sorcerer lol… other characters, like Rose, Felicity, Pickle, and to a lesser extent Janey came off as preachy or entirely unbelievable. Which the BL1 and BL2 characters never did for me.

Anyone saying Jack is weak doesn’t like video games lol… he’s one of the best villains in history for gaming


Humor is very subjective. Just because one dosnt agree with what YOU find funny, dosnt mean they lack a pulse/sense of humor.

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After first couple of play throughs of BL2 and BL:TPS for me the story starts to get in the way, we have heard it all before and are forced to hear it all again and again. The same jokes and over are no longer funny and kind of grating at times. This was one of the most redeeming features of BL in that it did not overdo the story. Yes the story was very light in BL and the ending was pretty horrible but if they had only put an ending to the main game that was like the ending to Knoxx I think people would remember it far more fondly. For me the game is about exploring, shooting and looting. If they had only just improved the enemy AI and diversity in BL1 for BL2 I would have been happy. That’s just me though I am sure lots will disagree. I am glad Anthony has left not because he was bad, he did a good job but at the same time I think he overdid it and the game focused on it when they should have focused more on level design and replayability. When I play a game I play it over and over, when I read a book I generally only read it once.

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well hopefully we’ll get some more BLands-alicious content soon. i’m done with this game for now, but i’ll be keeping an eye out for the next xpack for sure.

I liked Borderlands 1 because it never gave you the whole “YOU HAVE TO SAVE PANDORA MATE” feel and I really disliked how in Borderlands 2 they decided to shove all the returning characters in your face with some new ones added in. I liked how in Borderlands 1 all the characters were spread out and all did their own thing. Earl was in his scrapyard, Tannis in the middle of those Eridian ruins, Moxxi all the way at her underdome, the vault hunters just hunting adventure etc. I disliked it when the Borderlands 2 started reinforcing “YOU ARE A HERO, SAL” into your face, when the intro is “Short Change Hero”. Also I am pretty sure Anthony was a bit, how should I say “unforgiving”, because the logic he stated in Borderlands 2 was “Douchebag? YOU MUST DIE!!!”. Borderlands 1 had a good outlook, as in no good guys or bad guys, just treasure hunters hunting treasures, then Borderlands 2 just shove a lot at you at once stating how you are now a “hero” who has to save Pandora from Hyperion who are those same guys who revive you and made Claptraps. Also I preferred the loot from Borderlands 1 on a sidenote, you actually knew what grenade mods did, white weapons didn’t suck, and the classmods were amazing. Also those Atlas chests, man I love Atlas chests. Borderlands 1 was also solo-able, while in the 2nd game you are almost screwed solo unless Gunzerker. Hopefully Borderlands 3 will be less demanding when shoving a ton of stuff on your plate, and I liked Handsome Jack, I just disliked the constant antagonizing of him, sure, he killed someone (which means nothing in Borderlands), and he killed bandits (who have no humans right according to Anthony Burch), and considering the 1st four vault hunters opened the 1st vault out of greed, they have no right to argue. But the story was funnier, damn these Pretzels suck, be right back…


You know, we each may not like changes in a franchises direction whether it be graphically, writing or other, but a suck it up and deal with it attitude, is not as a customer/gamer should be forced to accept, why else does this forum exist? To listen to peoples rants and ravings? Whether it be here, or another place through email, or whatnot nobody should sit there and just feel like they should just shut up take whats given to you, dont question dont ask for anything of what youd like to see in any game we’ll give you what you what we want is hardly a attitude no one should take. If thats the case this forum should be seen as a giant waste of time, and the gaming industry viewed and received with a lot more skepticism. While it tends to be that the majority tends to win out, but whos to say who is the majority who is speaking up, whatever its about, all Im saying.

I’m not sure Burch was in charge of this big of a thematic shift from BL1 to BL2.

That said…
re: BL2’s theme.
“we don’t need another hero.”


Regardless of Pre-Sequel’s popularity, BL2 has gotten a lot of positive feedback from critics and such. Hell, Steam has almost 80000 users reviews (overwhelming majority of them positive and many praising the story and humor) compared to Bl1’s and Pre-Sequel’s 10- to 15000. So yeah, I’m going with johnwcarr’s suggestion about Pre-Sequel’s lesser popularity being about not having too much changes in gameplay, rather than Burch’s writing turning people off of it.

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You’re going to find yourself in the minority there man. I thought borderlands 2 was quite a step forward for the series. I’m sure a lot of other people did too.


Borderlands 2 did incredible things for the franchise. I’m not denying that - I have almost 1500 hours in the game compared to BL1’s 500. But I still prefer the experience of BL1 due to one single thing that the people making BL2 failed to capture: Atmosphere. From the drawn out wails of the background music to the dirty, ramshackle bandit encampments, to the apparently endless desert with breaks only for garbage, dirty water or snow, Borderlands 1 had an unmatched level of atmosphere in a game.

Borderlands 1 felt dramatic. It felt urgent. It felt like a dark war movie. Borderlands 2 sacrificed so much of that atmosphere to become what it is, and I have to say I resent that. Borderlands 2 is a fantastic game - though the writing is somewhat heavy-handed more often than I’d like. The gameplay changes were almost uniformly positive (I will never forgive the ruination of the gun parts system) and for that I’m thankful, but the execution of the game as a whole could have been better.

Borderlands 1 was more enjoyable as an “experience”, but the gameplay was lacking somewhat. BL2 added diversity in playstyles, more interesting guns, certainly more interesting farming, and memorable boss fights.

Borderlands 1 actually had a fair amount of story, but it never forced you to hear it - it was all in the text when you accept/turn in missions. You could spend 20 hours of a playthrough just reading mission text, and come away with a much better appreciation for the world, I think.

Borderlands is like Mad Max.

1 is like the original - quite serious, and dark, but not without some humour or emotion.

2 is more like Beyond Thunderdome - it’s gone from a relatively realistic world full of bad people trying to survive to a “wacky races” style, “save the innocent people from the huge ■■■■■■■” story in a goofy, fun-loving way.

They’re both great. But everyone will have their preferences.

We can only hope Borderlands 3 is the Fury Road of Pandora.

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Yo, sorry for the thread necromancy,
but i think it’s never too late to say - i’m glad this nightmare is over.

It is also funny how people make a scapegoat of Burch while he was a hired employee who performed what was required under the contract. Actually Pitchford is the one who responsible for all this… or maybe not even him but someone higher from Take-Two…

I would also like to complete the thought replying on

well, I dunno… I think “truly Mad Max” was only the ending of the first episode of TftBL : )

If to compare BL1 with films, I always defined it for myself as the sequel to Killing Down and The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada with sci-fi plot of Сталкер (Stalker 1979) and gameplay dynamics like in Six-String Samurai. The coziest combo ever.
And the similarity with Mad Max(that very recognizable brand style which was completely formed only to the THIRD film) there was unobtrusively expressed only in the elements of art design and homages like The Underdome.

and BL2 was c-c-c-combo breaker the very game I can compare exactly with the FIRST Mad Max (1979) - both are dystopian action works meant to highlight contemporary social problems, the difference only in details, triggers are same; as the raiders instead of motorbike gang in BL2 was a faction of parasitic office plankton, as a killing a friend - black male was shot in a back, and instead of scene with spreading a baby on asphalt there was not less insulting scene of cruelty to animals. I also remember very same feeling of anxiety, the only desire so it will end faster. (I would never have watched this film till the end, if it wasn’t in the context of the franchise)
I honestly do not understand how it is possible at all to perceive something like this like something “comedy”. BL2 is DRAMA no matter what provocations the advertising campaign said. And all this colorful plastic tinsel only emphasized hollowness and darkness of this part of the story.

Hypertrophied colorfulness can also be a warning sign of its poisonousness, like it works with wild Dendrobatidae, except these tropical frogs are pretty cute and not evil, but in wildlife can be actually deadly… so if you want to kiss an enchanted prince you better pick up one with more BL1 colors.

I think it’s Tina

Here is another observation: people keep calling this artificially hyped side character who wore a mask of own face - a Hero, an Antagonist, or everything what it is not, like they never saw cool Antagonists and badass Villains. While this thing was just “Inverted anti-villain” (you know what is Anti-villain and what Inversion does, right?). Most likely as a basis Burch took Jigsaw from Marvel and brought this idea to absurdity, making a faceless troll, liar and virgin (programmer John likely just stole his pet monster somewhere, like Zachary Comstock, 'coz normal reproduction impossible without balls)
This sterile impersonal character did not invoke in me any interest or at least relieve after killing it.
Even Nakayama’s viral hologram from TftBL made more sense, than “living” version of this character.
The only way how this thing may have misappropriated some of my enrage was only its intrusive quantity(and also quantity of guys in “Inverted V-masks” in the community) during unpleasant sensations caused by factors of other kind…

Sure, what a BL2 without HATRED!
The only thing @Klopotinsha officially HATES - (Nothing personal, I DO HATE the phenomenon; this paragraph concentrates all my hatred, read as if it’s all written with caps lock)
– Is this cheap mediocre indifferent apathetic gringo actor from third-rate anime, who was substituting voice of True Mordecai. His lines in TPS(and all the crap True Mordecai would never say like this) confirm that this half-measure seiyu doesn’t even realize the IMPORTANCE of role he was placed on! Hate so much to hate this poor guy who just got on wrong role, because he was not even BAD ENOUGH to deserve all this HATRED from me! He was just so-so. AAAAAARGH!!
(Rage mode off, the following readstile: normal, with clear symptomes of lingering melancholia)
The usual BL2 up to a certain point could still be perceived as a “good film in a CRAPPY dub”, I really liked how Mordecai’s story was written for the sequel, really good looking subtitles, feels like written purely for Julio’s performance, resembling his role in short film El descubrimiento(The Finding 2009).
As far as i know, True Mordecai got through half of Borderlands 2 voice over work and then got busy with film work. And The Borderlands people didn’t want to wait for him.
I think GBX intentionally played this dirty trick, blundered, wasted and screw up the Primary Protagonist, because if in this story would be super cool soulful touching dramatic superb qualitative True Mordecai (and supporting NPC Bloodwing in Tundra Express); players wouldn’t dance around fascist ideology of inverted minor anti-villain made under publisher’s whiplash… indeed, how else they could make a parable about stupid senseless not cool sort of Evil without weak indifferent Good.
I DO NOT APPROVE such methods!
suka Bljad, kozli! Kuda vi idete, a?!
Storyline of Mordecai in BL2 could have been like this song, not like… whatever the pop trash little girls are listening to before got thrown into vat of acid…

I actually would like to walk through BL2 once again some day…
Only in remaster with completed Mordecai’s original voice over.

Yes, it is. Two years too late.