Anti-air for Krieg?

Title. What are some of the options for anti-air guns?

Buzz axe and Flakker

Nah, but seriously, try some Plasma Casters or something similar.

For Buzzards I use a Butcher, a Conference Call, an Infinity, or a Hornet. All corrosive.

Corrosive CC man. Same with surveyor.

I do no agree that much with the Butcher, I love that shotty, but with Buzzards and Surveyors it’s just a waste of ammo.

That’s a nice alternative.

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I’ve also used a Slippery Ogre to take them down, but it’s really only effective when they’re coming right at you. A corrosive CC will work too, but try to get one with a Torgue or Jakobs grip for the extra damage since mag size and reload speed can be mitigated with Krieg’s skills.

I was just about to say, any Torgue gun (preferrably with high bullet velocity) is a great substitute if you don’t have good corrosive guns on you, especially if you’re specced into an explosive build.
Explosive is also the next best thing to use on yellow health bars after corrosive, so just have them flying towards you or aim ahead of them.

Other options that come to my mind now are a Corrosive Kitten or Moxxi’s Bad Touch (even better than PCs for the bullet velocity).

Also a Corrosive Interfacer.

Works for me. But them I am ludicrously bloody-minded.

I downed a Buzzard with a Tediore reload once xDDD

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Go with the Torgue grip: it gives more damage over the Jakobs and is just all-around better for a Hyperion shotgun. Whatever grip you go with, do not use a Tediore! The decrease in damage will be noticed.

Pfft. I killed some dragons today with a Flakker. Now granted they did derp into the level design… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Conference Call works beautifully.

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Whenever I’m pinned down, I use the deliverance to get rid of the air support. I just start tossing them out like many little flies.

Bloodsplosion and Hope.

Also, i you are a total sissy, a Corrosive Developement, Thinking, Butcher, Conference call or Interfacer. Pretty much just Hyperion Shotguns, really.

Corrosive Practiceable Butcher

Once thought about a Wanderlust for downing buzzards and surveyors.

Never again xD

Only yesterday I realized how insanely good the Lyuda is against fast flying enemies. Very easy to hit targets and does a load of damage.