Anti-cheat must be implemented. There is no excuse

Believe me, this isn’t a problem we have here. We believe we’ve made some great strides for the game in our recent addition of in-game reporting. It’s important to us that cheaters not ruin the fun for everyone else and we now have a good foundation to allow people to report people they can see are clearly cheating. We don’t feel like our work is done here by any means, but it’s a very good start.


I’m talking about Monuments. He’s in the middle of the map and I’m hiding behind him at the outermost giant shard. There shards were NOT up but he went for me anyways. Also he didn’t use his hook. He just walked right up to me

When they can carry a team with only 25 hours of gameplay and at CR 13 they are

Then why haven’t you implemented anti-cheating protocols? I find it hard to believe that GBX investigates every single report of cheating

Never missing with a rocket launcher isn’t being better than someone else. It’s bulls***

If you take some time to reserach this here forum I believe you will find, ahem, shall we say, numerous threads and posts that testify to the fact that quits and those type surrender calls are bothering a lot of people a lot.

Some of those bothered people even initated the whole in-game report system request …

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Or a lot of practice and perhaps the helix that increases his splash damage by 45%.

Also don’t forget this skill Hawkeye which if connected allows successive rockets to home in on targets, even to the point of following them around corners.

Perhaps by adding an illustration in the shape and form of a cute animal …? :heart_eyes_cat:


Don’t get the wrong impression. I’m totally against cheating. It shouldn’t be necessary in a gamemode, where the best opportunities arise through your enemy’s mistakes (PvP).

But the ratio of cheaters is still incredibly small, compared to legit players.
Based on the numbers you provided:

  • Assuming every 10-15 games have on cheater in them brings the middle value to 12,5 games to run into a cheater.
  • Assuming full groups (5v5), 12,5 games would mean up to 125 individual players (not counting repeat encounters).
  • Assuming you play legit, you can subtract 12,5 ‘players’ from that, bringing the total down to 112,5.
  • Out of these, one will be a cheater (and only if your assertion is correct). That’s 0,89% of all players you met.

So, I don’t see why it would be such a big issue.
If you have definite proof that they are cheating, just report and/or block them and get back to actually enjoying the game.

Did you ever consider, that BB isn’t the only game from which people get their experience/skill?
A lot of different Games can add to this, from FPS reflex training (nevermind aiming), up to things you wouldn’t even imagine.
For example, a lot of my ability to deal with Skill targeting in the graphical chaos of in-fight particle effects comes from aiming Super Missiles in Metroid Prime. (Not that I would compare the games)

I’m not going to make any further comments on this.
To (loosely) quote from one of my favorite TV shows: ‘Our only consensus here is dissenting opinion.’


Again, you can just press “no”. If your team is winning then why would they surrender? Plus, who are you to judge on people that quit? I’ve had to quit to take medicine and go to the bathroom and I still had people yelling at me. The surrender option is based on majority rule, not the decision of a single player.

But let’s call this like it truly is: You’re mad that your winning team gets reduced xp and credits if the other team surrenders. For that I agree with you: winning teams shouldn’t be punished for the other team surrendering. But instead of calling on GBX to award full credits and xp to the winning team you instead harp on the surrendering just because they don’t want to spend 30 minutes of being stomped or be too scared to even leave their base. I’m sure if GBX did what you wanted then anyone that quit or asked to surrender even ONCE would be banned from the game FOREVER, which I’m sure will bring in the perma-death crowd but shun everyone else.

Let’s keep the personal comments off this forum, please. Talk about the game, not other forum users.

Also, @zelgadis8657, please check and respond to your pms.

But you still weren’t an expert at CR 13 were you?

Exactly …

Actually, it doesn’t even begin to make sense to talk about my experience at CR13, as I also played the Beta, so I had an advantage over many others (who joined the game later). :rolling_eyes:
And honestly, I played so many Games, I had zero trouble with Oscar Mike or Thorn to begin with.

Granted, there are some characters with a steep learning curve that I actually had to learn as well.
So, my prior experience did not make me ‘perfect’ in this game, but it prepared me to learn the specifics of this game quicker, as I had a baseline to work with.

But this isn’t about me.
My point was that you seem to automatically suspect people of cheating, who outperform your expectations. That’s a purely subjective point.
As a side note, I find it disturbing that you only seem to expect either total noobs or 100% accuracy aimbotters. Seems very extremist to me, which is kind of unfair to the people who’d fall in between.

Anyway, like I said: There’s no sense in arguing over this. You obviously have your mind made up on three points.

  • There are too many cheaters.
  • GBX doesn’t do anything about it.
  • It’s unfair of GBX to shift the responsibility to the players, by having to report people.

I can’t say that I agree with any of those points. Especially the last one kinda scares me. Have you ever been subject to an aggressive, automated anti-cheat system? Have fun getting banned, because of ‘suspicious’ background apps like your firewall or virtual network adapters.


Let’s keep it on topic and stay away from personal or innapropriate comments

Last warning. Next it gets locked.

They aren’t. It is based on time played. You are getting the SAME AMOUNT per minute. Seems like people that keep saying this want to be rewarded by getting increased XP for abusing noobs/players they are better than.

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I agree with this. I’m not an expert, but at present it seems even VAC, which has had a very substantial amount of money thrown at it, does make errors. Gearbox might be at an advantage over Valve in this because player numbers for Battleborn are smaller so some sort of appeal option might be possible, but there’s still a problem with auto-bans. It’s worth noting too that there’s a massive amount of stigma directed at people with bans in the gaming community so being careful about who’s branded a cheater is important.

This is a difficult issue but I generally like the idea of a supportive, proactive community who are willing to take the time to report issues like abuse and cheating (in an agreed way).

I also agree about the difficulty of identifying hacking as an individual though - which in a way furthers an argument for an automated system. It’s very easy to feel aggrieved and suspect someone of cheating but that might not necessarily be the case. I’ve played quite a lot of PvP now but haven’t come across any overt hacking myself. In contrast, games I’ve played that do have e.g. VAC still have a lot of cheaters.

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what they said

And I’m saying that losing teams shouldn’t be punished for not wanting to be farmed for kills

Dude it sounds like you are having a very hard time progressing in the game and because of that you are pissed off and calling anyone better then you a cheater. That’s sad bro.