Anti-Cheese Incursion

So I am a big supporter of the Anti-cheesers we all come to know and love.

I am now questioning one person, Kleese. Love him for the anti-cheese, but what about after the fix?

Kleese is awesome, but having the ability to shield apply to the sentry is too much. If Miko can’t heal the Sentry why can Kleese shield it?

After the Head Glitching A-holes are fixed, which is a very simple fix of moving cameras lower down the character models, specifically mar-cheese, thorn-zolla, oscar mike(no more types of cheeses that i know of), whiskey foxtrot.

Logically, maybe cause it’s just a shield. He’s not healing the thing, just imparting shield recovery right? So it’s not like it’s that much harder to kill. Just get by the shield and boom. Also his rifts die with him.

I’ve never actually seen Kleese make an immortal turret so I can totally be wrong here. He has made Damn tanky ones i will grant but nothing unkillable.

A single player’s dps can burn through kleese’s shields. The shield only really counter’s damage from primary weapons from across the map being able to get through it, once there’s people throwing everything they have at it… namely aoe damage, it’s done.

They aren’t fixing across map attacks on the sentry’s guys, only the headglitching. As long as it can be shot from across the map without it attacking back, it should be shieldable.

Because you can kill the rift from ranged instead of trying to kill the person hiding in 3-4 rifts first?

And cheesing is part of competitive gaming. It’s called cheesing because people it only works until people know about the proper counter to it.