I hope who ever made that Jumping Night mare ( Platform jumping is for third person mode )

Gets something truly over powered, and extremely frustrating happen to them… I went from over 2 mil, almost enough for my last ammo upgrade to like 200… For me that had to be the most I want to throw this game out the window moment I have had playing this game.

I would not have minded missing the jump, and having to do it over, but dying every time I miss was sucky as all get out.

The other thing that truly frustrates me to no end is the Troy battle… One round ball hits me in TVH and over 14451 shield, and almost 7000 HP are gone one hit…

Other than those two things I have loved the game, but they to me are both ridiculous.


which one, the one in the middle of the field?

The One right after you Cross the Bridge, hate to be to specific, but had to jump around behind the building, and if you missed… it was a sure death…

I am not great at jumping games anyway, and truly hate platform jumping games to start with, but failing did not bother me that much it was failing, and dying so many time’s and losing money every time… EDIT >>thing is in first person it is really hard to judge when to jump, and what is happening when you do,

Mobs kill me I expect that if there a fair fight, but I died more times there than I have in the entire game ( I think I dies at least 40 or 50 times there ), even Troy did not kill me that many times… And I think he is and Unfair mob, one hits me with one of those Balls, I can only kill him if he never hits me at all.

I agree, this tower is utter bullcrap. As you say it wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t die if you missed the small pipe (i’m assuming it’s this part you are struggling with).

Edit: I have some advice. Jump towards it carefully and immediately let go of the directional button, and just hold jump. If you miss you should still pull yourself up.


OMG! I wish I would have read your advice before dying so many times. After reading what you said about letting go of the direction and holding jump I didn’t die again. You saved me so much frustration and money. Thank you!


Yeah this one got me a few times too. I really didn’t care about losing money so early in the game tbh but it was frustrating hard, also the one in the initial Eden-6 area Floodmoor Basin? You have to parkour your way up on either side of that tower even though you don’t die it was hard.

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Thank you RecycledOrgans I will try that next time I have to do that one.

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Real ■■■■ fam. Go in to your options, accessibility, under movement change the “mantle with forward” option on. Now you won’t have to press jump to climb. You’ll climb just by holding forward. Makes challenges like this one way easier. I did it on my second try.


I will try that My Moze only died 14 time’s there which is the one I am working on now… That was better, but still sucky to die more times on that than killing most bosses.

I think My Moze playing may have ended any way… I reached Troy again Normal playthrough, and one round ball finishes me… over 2k HP, and over 2k shield poof in one hit from one of those round balls… :frowning:

Troy is a pain initial playthrough. I played through Moze and Zane, both would get one shotted. I had to beat him without getting hit. There’s a video on youtube that came out recently that shows you a trick to make Troy kill himself by falling in the water. You should search it if you’re still struggling with him.

I’m finding this tower impossible to do. I keep missing the jumps, or I jump, but the character fails to grab. I don’t know how this is supposed to work. I’ve been doing this parkouring thing on boxes, etc., but this tower is just giving me fits, and if I miss, I die. I’ve died more to this tower than to any boss in the game.

I can’t wait to try this tomorrow when I play, thank you.

The Eden 6 Floodmoor Basin stupid wooden tower one made me have to google how to do it, which led me to discovering the “keep holding jump as you jump and you will auto grab ledges”, which made that Anvil one slightly less nightmarish but still f*****g stupid.

I tried it, but it didn’t really help. With luck, I finally made it to the top and disabled it, but I’m done with BL3. It’s just not fun for me. I’m tired of the oversaturation of enemies. I’m tired of the bullet-sponge enemies. I’m tired of the lazy writing. And now I’m tired of the parkour gimmicks. I wish I’d never bought this game.

Honestly the easiest way to do it is just let go of your movement button after jumping towards it and holding the jump button. I just recently did it with Amara having worked this out with FL4K, and I did it first time without any headache.

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If you happen to fall just press start and quit the game before you die then reload and you will start right there and you won’t have to kill the enemies. Took me like 7 tries but saved a lot of cash from quoting before I died


Agreed. To die, when a jump is missed is wrong. I can’t complete this path. Died so many times trying for that narrow pipe. When I did get to the pipe, I could never jump up to the beam. Then would eventually fall, when trying for the beam. Hope no main mission tasks are like this, as it would be a game stopper, for me, as I could not proceed.

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Yes, that happened to me a few times to begin with

No, nothing like that in the story, thankfully.

The pipe I manage. But the beam that you need to mantle, I simply launch over into the revine .

The jumps are very awkward on console.

I’m on PS4. I still maintain if you let go of forward movement as soon as you jump and just hold jump, you’ll make it easily.

I think i tried that before moving on. I might try the mantle options.

I’ve amped the gain up on the controls because in general it works for me but may also be complicating the puzzle. Imma not going to bother until I really get bored enough to complete the challenge.

thanks though