Anvil Main quest gate won't open. (light spoilers)

This is my 3rd playthrough as Zane. I am doing the main quest on Eden 6, “Hammerlocked”.

I am at the stage where you have to go to the Anvil and open the ‘gate’ to meet with Meatslab


As it is my 3rd playthrough, I skipped the typical path of using the elevator because I knew where the Anvil travel was. I went there, and the objective marker is stuck on the main Anvil entrance, telling me to go back.

Upon going back to Floodmoor Basin, there is no objective marker. It’s just a loop.

I’ve done side quests, retraced my steps, had dialogue from the Calypsos, but nothing is working.

What can I do?

This worked for me. Quit out of the game, go back to knotty peak and ride the elevator down. Ride to the glitched gate. It won’t open but if you bump it the quest will update. Hope it works for you.

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I’m having a similar problem. Have run into this on a couple playthroughs. However, I’m not having an issue with the quest updating. My issue is with the gate being indestructible. When you get to this part of the quest, ride the elevator down and get a car you should be able to blow out the gate to leave but it’s still indestructible like prior to the quest (to prevent access from the other direction before doing the quest I presume).

This has happened on like 2 of my 6 playthroughs where I can’t get out the gate.

Use a technical and fire the barrel at it - apparently the barrier is only vulnerable to explosive damage for some reason?


Yep, needs rockets or barrel. Won’t work with cyclone

Sorry to dredge up this old topic, but as it came up at the top in a Google search, I figure other folks might like to know:

A barrel works, the HEAVY missile on an Outrunner works, but the cluster missiles, despite also being explosive, won’t work. It’s more than a little weird that it requires such specific weapons, and hasn’t been patched in the year since the game launch.

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