Anvil TVHM M4: post hotfix

Latest hotfix:

Has this simple change actually made The Anvil any more bearable on TVHM M4? Or did they accidentally break it and instead add 2000% health instead of lower it?

I didn’t notice any difference in the Anvil, to be honest. I ran it up to the Warden several times today with a few different builds on Fl4k and Amara. The Enforcers seemed… about the same probably? They might die a little faster, but the problem was primarily back to back invulnerability windows, and that hasn’t changed. Still, its good to see that they are looking into it.


They’re a bit easier to take down quickly, which is the idea to avoid any immunity shenanigans.
Once they go immune it’s still just as annoying, of course

It’s hard for me to tell. I took a break for a while because Anvil was so obnoxious to clear. I then came back and played the DLC and got a nice gear boost in the DLC and made some build changes. When I went through it last night they were still obnoxious but I was able to kill them faster and I didn’t get stuck in any never ending immunity phases so it’s probably some combination of easier to kill, better gear and luck.

Never had many problems with them after I learned to break los, hp seem a bit lower so… ymmv