Any advice on hitting Benedicts rockets?

I saw a vid on youtube of a guy absolutely wrecking with him. A couple things I noticed, and he even said it. He wasn’t stationary. He also not once used his escape skill. He also kept the rocket launcher full after every shot. Shoot once, reload. Then when he needed more shots he would unload. I have to believe he spent a large volume of time working on his aiming as that’s really the point here. He was hitting almost every rocket.

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Isnt he squishy though, to go melee range?

I played this one benedict that was not missing ANYTHING, that is what led me to try benedict finally and it wasn’t working out lol

Yeah, Gearbox was saying at one point they have seen vids of everyone being awesome and at this point, I have to agree. For me though, the difference has been the question of “when I pick up this character, am I a game changer”? I played El Dragon and got destroyed. I picked up Montana and went 30-3. Deande- I sucked. Orendi and Toby- I wrecked shop. I’ve noticed that it really does have to do with your own individual play style and what works for you. It’s pretty amazing how this game works to your strengths if you find the right person.

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If you can post that video, I would like to see this guys bene

The point is to kill them before they even react (You are not supposed to be seen before you attack)
Get in, kill, get out.
That’s a really aggressive way to play him.

And as i pointed in my build, you can do 2772 damage burst at level 10 (Not counting gears) in a few seconds. So, beside tanks, you can kill anything before they kill you. You just need to pick your targets effectively.

Also, take at least one gear with +Max health and +Max health after surviving for 180sec. And activate it early, if possible, as you won’t do much until level 4.

So you don’t recommend attack speed on him? I’m going to try this when I get home.

You can, but it’s not that important.

That’s what i use.

can’t link from work, but if you go to youtube, the video is called Battleborn This is how you benedict 21-0. As you can tell by the title, dude lit them up.

This guy’s guide is a BEAST. I destroyed people last night. I followed everything his guide told me to do and I realized exactly what I was doing wrong. I was playing benedict like a ■■■■■ ranged attacker because I was scared of dying.

Last night, I stayed back to farm and looked out for team fights. I just glided into the team fights throwing 2-3 rockets, reload then drop down with Hawkeye from behind or the side and if that didn’t finish them boomsday surely did as that can’t be dodged close range. Then I’ll just liftoff to reposition myself away.

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I play Benedict a mixture of both long range and close range. I guess honestly more medium range then anything. I can still hit with Rockets/Hawkeyes.

You just have to learn to predict your opponent. Don’t think about just shooting ahead that isn’t good enough. you have to get inside your enemies head. I picked this up from playing for years as soldier in tf2. lots of practice will make you better. it takes years to learn to read an opponent if you are new to thinking that way. I feel like that is why I can do so good with both Orendi and Benedict. two characters who’s success depends on how well you can predict. attack and reload speed can help in the short term but they are kind of crutches. Think about making educated guesses. like what is the most likely exit will they try to escape to, are they going to try and rush towards the minor wave, or are they going to go for crystals or a turret. when you think you know they will do something fire it. the rest is just getting use to projectile speed and a characters movement speed. practice will help you make fine tune adjustments based on different character speeds. Also stay in midrange when starting out. the farther away you are from your target the better you have to be at predicting and see into the future. overtime you will learn to see that people are actually quite predictable, even the best of them.

Ello, I’d like to give some relatively basic, but important, benedict advice. One of the greatest ways to build benedict is a hawkeye based benedict. By using air mail and chono key together (air mail is already shown on here, chrono key reduces cooldowns, and then subracts 1 second for every 500 damage you deal off of cooldowns) with a shard generator to get them earlier, you become a rocket-homing machine. Imagine it like a cycle

Shoot tripple hawkeye at lvl 4 (which deals really good damage)
Jump in the air and glide all while shooting rockets (feel free to use you other skill to do this too, you’ll have it back)
continue shooting rockets until tracking wears off.
Possibly shoot a few more.
Activate hawkeye again

Works very well.

Without chrono key, you can still run this relatively the same, by using a cooldown reducing item, or simply focusing on your hawkeye. If you get acurate with hawk eye, it will become one of your best moves in most situations.

Other tips:
Benedict works well from a medium-close range. Not quite melee range (at first) but close to who you are shooting.
Be mobile.
Don’t be afraid to finish your kills with a melee. In capture, I often finish 4 kills with a melee to save rockets and because it’s faster than rockets and I may be close to death.
Don’t forget about divebomb if you have it. Also a great finisher if you are in the air, or getting away. Also helps you get into the fight faster if you aim straight forward rather than down.

Curious to know how his air mail works. Does the cool down stack on enemies hit, or one rocket=1 second regardless of people hit?

Each rocket takes 1 second off. So 5sec per clip/hit.

Yea, I don’t need advice anymore, thanks for the tips though guys. He’s officially my favorite character in the game. And I personally think there isn’t a character in the game that can beat benedict 1v1. He’s an anti melee character if a Melee character kills you you’re playing benedict wrong. I like that most people don’t like using him and the ones that I do see suck and only wants to backdoor and can’t do anything in a head on fight.

I mastered him already too.

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LOL, I think i’ll be reading this series of posts when I get to him…

I confirm what @lmoore0621 said.
1 rocket = 1 sec cooldown (As long as it does damage)
To be accurate: Normal rockets does. Boomsday and Hawkeye are not considered normal rockets. Homing rockets are, though.

well that helps. Anything that gives you such easy cooldown is good in my book.

His legendary with cronos key gave him 5sec hawkeye CDR lol… But now its nerfed so just stick to AS, MaxH and Reload