Any advice on how I can improve my ward skag?


Let me know if you didn’t get the pictures and please excuse any bad grammar and spelling, thank you.
I use the ward shield with the 300% melee damage to boost my pet. I went with a high shield capacity brawler ward to keep fl4k more protected
For my class mod its almost always red fang , but I do keep a bounty hunter for some bosses
relic: pearl
pistols: maggie, lightshow
submachine guns: bloodstarved beast, plasma coil , redistributor
assault rifles: monarch, breath of dying
shotguns: reflux, lob, gracia
sniper: sandhawk, storm
RL: plaugespreader
grenades: its piss, hot spring
for my gun anointments I try to get the radiation bonus when gamma burst is active, I’m still working to get all of them like this.
For my augments its varies depending on the situation
atomic aroma: is the great for boosting my beast damage but it also make its more vulnerable to set off barrels (my pets worst enemy)
empathetic rage: is solid if unspectacular
Endurance: my fav especially for slaughter houses but sometimes not helpful against certain bosses

Pets: I use the skags for their movement and attack speed and their overall aggression. I switch around with the eridian and horned. The horned I find useful as when I order a attack command the beast often doesn’t use it, at least not right away, thus not risking his attack command to going under cooldown and being unable to switch to another beast if it goes down. The eridian ac can hit and stun multiple opponents but usually only kills while in gamma burst and even then some enemies like the guardians (in takedown) seem to be good at getting away from the blast or surviving.

You can also use the scorcher who hands down has the best passives of any pet or the queen who in my opinion has the best attack command of any pet.

Overall I’m very happy with the build and I was able to complete all the takedowns and the raid varkid on mayham 10, with little to no trouble. (To be honest I think its because lick the wounds is broken ability) I would still like to know if anyone has any suggestions on how I can improve this build. I’m personally not so sure with putting an ability in “who rescued who” and “All my bff.” Does anyone know if All my bffs allows your pet to gain the healing effects of the hot spring grenade? Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Dunno if you have checked it, but this is a great guide for a baseline for min-maxing pets.

Not sure how it can be applied to a Skag build, but this is pretty much the top shelf pet build.

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I really don’t have any suggestions, for what you’re going for your gear and spec are exactly on point. You have a really good grasp of what you need for the build to work.

Honestly, you could make do with only one of those skills, or even neither at all if you keep Gamma up enough. Very few things can make a noticeable dent in the pet’s health, and Ward gives health regen while depleted anyway.

All My BFFs is finnicky with what it counts. Not every source of health regen applies to it. I don’t think the Hot Spring does, but I’ve never tested it myself.


oh I have the pet guide favorited :slightly_smiling_face:

Ive seen the killer queen build and does seem great. The thing is I might need to change it a bit as it doesn’t have lick the wounds, which in my opinion is better than megavore (unpopular opinion I know)

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I can see where you’re coming from. My experience is that I can just use Countess kills to revive me, so as long as I don’t FFYL with no enemies around, I’m always good to get back up. Also, removing LTW means I never have to worry about Countess getting stuck under the map during attack commands.

However, for other pets that isn’t a concern so if you feel you get your Gamma burst back quickly enough then it’s fine.

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If your Skag is taking enough damage to, like, actually die (because you’re using a depleted Ward to give it roid damage with Take This), if you fire Gamma Burst with Burst Aid and stand in it, the Skag is nigh unkillable (like he can face tank Wotan and not die). I mean, when Gamma Burst times out, it’ll die almost immediately, but the healing transfer from All My BFFs with this is huge.

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Good to know I’m on the right track. I’m aware of your work and others on this site that helped me produce this build and farm equipment.

I was coming to the same conclusion (its just though damn barrels) if I were to get rid of WRW would you recommend go for the eyes, pycho head on a stick or more into he bites? If I got rid of All my bff would recommend eager to impress (my red fang gives me one in this) or overclocked?

I only done a bit of testing I’m thinking your right but I can’t confirm.

I’d recommend He Bites or Psycho Head. Normally I’d say GFTE, but you should be hitting a fair amount of pet crits with He Bites and/or Atomic Aroma, so the extra hollowpoint triggers are kind of redundant. You could, but it’ll really only help against strash mobs which I doubt you have much trouble clearing out efficiently.

Eager to Impress. Your pet gets a lot of kills which really helps your cool down. 1 point in overclocked won’t be very noticeable imo.

No problem! I’m actually curious how this build performs on Hemo since I don’t have DLC 6 yet. How did the fight go?

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No problem! I’m actually curious how this build performs on Hemo since I don’t have DLC 6 yet. How did the fight go?

Well I beat hemo and their friend on my first try on mayham 10(more than okay boomer, chilling them softly, pool party and post mortem ). That was with older version of this build that contained none of the red tree(I was trying to make statement) and went all in on blue and green, purple was the exact same. Eventually got bored of my skag getting all the kills so I specked into the red. This build also doesn’t have a problem with hemo and kills it a little faster then the proto version.

The thing is with gamma burst, pet health in m10 or m11 and lick the wounds, hemo can’t really do anything to send you to the new you station, in some ways fl4k is the invincible one. I did go into fight for you life more then a few times though.

Another thing to mentions is that it does take a wile to bring hemo down this isn’t one of though builds that kill the boss in just few minutes or seconds (except the real weak bosses ). Also hemo starts flying a some point making it hard for the spiderants and the skags to hit hemo, eventually once you damage it enough it will go back to the ground again but its still an inconvenience. You can use the loader bot in this case which is in its ideal situation (flying enemies in closed in environment) but I try to avoid them like the plague. A cool compromise is gunslinger jabber who get the effect of brawler ward while in gamma burst and you can use the rocket launcher when hemo flies

Overall I’m pretty confident anyone with modest skill, like me, could beat the boss in mayham 11 and 10 depending on the modifiers with this build (also I do have a lot of guardian ranks). I did have an easier time then with my demolition moze build and I’m still a little shy of trying out my melee Amara and seeing dead Zane build on hemo but I don’t have as much knowledge of them as Fl4k or even Moze.