Any advice or help?

So I just finished playthrough one and I’m around level 40 (almost 41). I want to hit 50 before I start TVHM. Any advice on how I can do that? I’m running around trying to complete as much of the sidequests I missed as I can but, the xp gains are pretty weak now.

If you want to bug abuse you could pipe bomb graveward on mayhem 3 over and over again

How long you think it would take on Mayhem mode? And is it more frustration than it’s worth? I don’t mind a challenge but, I really want to hit lvl cap quick and I don’t really want a frustrating grind all the way there.

I have a question about the pipe bomb. You get that grenade a good ways before level 50 so is it possibly still strong enough to kill level 50 mobs? Or is there a lvl 50 version of that grenade you can get as a drop? :o

You get the same quest rewards again on TVHM so yeah you can get every quest reward at level 50

Well that makes sense lol, ty

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My suggestion is just to immediately start TVHM. You’re probably going to want to complete it at some point and it’s really not hard so you might as well get a headstart on it. Then you can always go back to NVHM to farm at lvl 50 if you want.
You’ll be at lvl 50 sometime around the start of Eden-6 if you rush through the story.

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Hey thanks man. That sounds logical. Might as well get it started and I should be getting decent exp with them earlier missions right? That’s exactly what I want to get started on too, is farming lvl 50 gear.

Question though. What do you mean by NVHM?

I completed the main story at 43, did every side mission and crew challenge along the way. After killing Tyreen, I did the circles of slaughter and eridian trials. Dinged 50 on the last trial. If you’re undergeared, I’d recommend leaving Maliwan Slaughter for last or at least until you get some good loot. That one’s probably the hardest thing in the game right now. I was stubborn, did the slaughter circles in order before the trials. I do not regret it, but damn it was tough.

Alright. Cool. Thanks for the advice ppl.
I didn’t even remember those proving grounds. Gonna have to look into it more.

Normal Vault Hunter Mode
If I just say Normal some might interpret that as Normal difficulty but there is now a separation of Easy/Normal for difficulty.