Any Amazing Amara Builds Out There?

I am looking for a powerful Amara build that is good for general mobbing and bosses, and does not rely on melee. I would also prefer if it does not require obscene amounts of legendaries to work. I appreciate any responses, as right now none of her skills stand out to me as powerful.

You might look (or a mod might move your inquiry) to this subforum –

Are you just starting out on Amara or higher level? As for Amara not seeming powerful – well, there are a bunch of threads going on right now arguing she is too powerful, or the most powerful of the Vault Hunters.

Also depends on your goals – just beating Normal story mode doesn’t take too much fancy stuff but harder, endgame content requires better gear.

I actually have a similar thread in the Amara section (mostly for a TVHM M4 mission build) but as of yet no replies.

I am currently low-level, but I want to go into endgame, such as beating Maliwan Blacksite and other raids. I invested a ton of time in Borderlands 2, so I know there must be some great synergies out there for her. I am basically looking for an endgame build that works for general mobbing and bosses.

Well for me base game was a cake walk using the fist of the elements tree infusing elements and getting as much dot shenanigans going as I could. She’s great in that a lot of her skills are viable. I went in and just went with what I thought looked fun, which I never do usually. I like to have a plan in place. Something like this for early levels to increase her element damage and usefulness.

Then I spent time farming the gold chest with gold keys by reloading profile after backing it up on the cloud and get some good guns to go with this and I had a blast going through base game.

Nah, Amara is terrible right now. Don’t even bother. Worst VH ever in the history of VHs ever.



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seriously though, there are some good leveling youtube videos for her.

…Moxsy does great stuff right now, and Derch is as good as ever.

I think one of Moxsy has an older, still solid leveling video on her (I agree, she is tough leveling on first playthrough).

…but holy evercrap is she strong end game. Some of her is great and where it should be, the rest is really just broken, lol.

Thanks. Can you point me to the video you are talking about? I would appreciate it.

THis might be the one that I was thinking about, but in retrospect, it might not be that great for leveling

Samsara is really good, but it takes many levels to get going–the big hand smashing thingy deep into the red tree is the best skill to trigger it because you get almost guaranteed max stacks, and the lower CD compared to other damage-based action skills (all the others are pretty difficult to target for max stacks). Maybe try some of his other elemental build videos.

Those seem like ancient builds though, compared to where Amara is right now (but I wouldn’t put much stock in that because some of her gear is going to get nerfed/fixed pretty soon)