Any Aussies on PS4?

Looking for people to co-op with. Most of the people I know who play are on different timezones and one of us (usually me) has to lag quite a lot when we play, on the rare occasion that we get to at all.

So, I’m looking for some Aussies to play with so we don’t have to work around timezone restrictions and lag issues. I’m an Amara main, I play almost exclusively solo, and I’m down for just about anything. Mostly looking to do M3 Proving Grounds and Circles of Slaughter, and hopefully have a co-op partner to run the Maliwan Takedown DLC when it drops and do some co-op raids.


I posted this at midnight when no Aussies would see it, because I’m smart. Visibility BUMP!

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Busted! Your a traitor to your friends! Go be with your own kind, you, you YOU wanker! :rofl:

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Just kidding, I can’t quit chu.

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