Any Aussies still here?

After a hundred year absence, I just started playing Battleborn again and I am terrible. We Aussies always had it bad with red bars, and I think I was one of the last of the “old crew” to stop playing those ten thousand years ago. Now with no Aussie servers, green bars are just a fable, but surely there are Aussies still out there to share the bar of redness with!?


There’s only one that I can think of that I remember being on PS4 up until recently, and I don’t know if he has since stopped playing. Your best bet would probably be to try the PS4 or Xbox communities, Reddit, or Discord.

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Who was this one? I played from CTT so it’s likely I know him.


He probably means @TheJoshuaTree87, AKA Madjack64 on PSN, AKA The Last of the Aussies.

Good guy, aside from being a dirty Benedict main.

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Haha I remember MadJack, he came with the second wave.


What’s the “Second Wave”?

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Group who came in after beta when the game was cheap. Actually iirc I told him to get on the forums lol, he was the only Aussie still there when I left haha no surprise if he’s still playing.


Ah, okay. Funnily enough, I haven’t seen you in so long, I thought you had been banned, Slif. Haha. Nice to see you again, even at the end.

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Lol I did have a few bans before didn’t xD

Nice to see you again too. I was on the other night and matched with Sir Walrus Crow. Man I’m so bad now xD

You still play?


Yeah, but just private matches with my buds. Quite a few of the better players have taken to stomping public matches to get their small-man jollies, and we got tired of being paired against them.

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Lmao that’s been my experience so far xD


@Slif_One You, sir, are fake news. I purchased “Battleborn” on the day of release, actually, and regret doing so considering the price dropped by nearly 50% the following month. I am in no way affiliated with this ‘Second Wave’ you speak of. Please refrain from mischaracterising me again or I will be forced to pursue legal action.

But in all seriousness, if you’re considering playing “Battleborn” again, do not hesitate to contact me if I’m online. I haven’t been as active on the game for the past few months, but I’ll make time for it if you’re returning. I look forward to playing with you again in a game that isn’t “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”. (We’ve encountered one another twice in Quickplay, in case you’re wondering.)


Well then where the ■■■■ were ya the first few months!?

Omfg that was you? xD I’ve since deleted you, I didn’t realise :open_mouth: I recall you though because nobody sends random friend requests on Nintendo Network. You were Roy, our first encounter I beat you as Cloud, second you beat my Greninja. Ggs

Edit: I haven’t played in like two months. I was training for a tournament, got Greninja to Elite Smash, traveled for the tournament, then got cold feet xD Haven’t been on it since.


I would’ve contacted you to inform you because I don’t believe you recognised my username, but since this is a Nintendo product, that simply isn’t possible. You can’t even send another user a private message on the Switch much less exchange information. For a company that boasts that they strive for innovation, Nintendo possesses an almost borderline anachronistic fear of adopting modern practices when it comes to online services. Iwata didn’t die for this.

I empathise with your trepidation. I dread entering Quickplay let alone an actual competitive tournament. I’ve played nearly 2000 matches with Chrom and still don’t feel completely comfortable with the character. I’m trying to take “Ultimate” competitively which is why I haven’t been terribly active on “Battleborn”. But holy hell is it frustrating to practice when you’re performing under the Quickplay conditions. I despise the GSP ranking system as it actively discourages me from playing online due to the threat of my rank being affected. I recently got my four mains (Chrom, Lucina, Roy and Corrin) into Elite Smash and haven’t played online with any of them since. This wouldn’t be an issue if there was a casual matchmaking queue that isn’t dictated by your rank (like any other modern competitive online game), but this is Nintendo, and that would be a rational and sensible decision.

If you ever want to play verse each other in “Ultimate” again, do let me know. It’ll be good to participate in a competitive match without the threat of my GSP rank descending by 500,000 points because of a single loss.

Yeah but what about protecting the kids? Think about the children man! It’s not like Nintendo systems have parental lock features that could theoretically restrict incoming messages like the privacy settings on PS4…

Eh, my reasons for not going were more personal. Got really nervous in the lead up, felt the anxiety start to kick in. I’m more comfortable playing from home I guess.

GSP is crap but I stopped caring about it, it’s a ■■■■■■ system. I’m in Elite with two characters and it wasn’t easy to get (or stay) there so that was good enough for me.

I doubt I’ll be able to give you a challenge now though lol haven’t touched it in a while so I’ll be rusty af.

Ugh, you’re one of those.

That’s right; the four swordsmen and women of the Apocalypse. Don’t hate us 'cause you ain’t us. I play Cloud, Ike and Incineroar on occasion, too, but I wouldn’t consider any of them my ‘mains’. I’ve also been experimenting with Lucario and Ken as they both received some pretty substantial buffs in the recent update.

(By the way, f*ck Snake and everybody that plays him to holy hell and back. He almost singlehandedly abolishes my enjoyment for this game.)

Replace Corrin with Marth and that’s a great (and terrible) title. I’m just glad you were Roy and not Lucina when we played lol.

Eh Snake aint that bad, he tries to slow the game down but Greninja can not be slowed. I actually enjoy the matchup.

If I get back into it I’ll hit you up but not until I’ve trained up a bit lol I’ll be embarrassingly bad xD

Edit: Eh Ken is still ■■■■. Lucario was already decent, now he’s damn good. Do you follow competitive Smash?

@blainebrossart1 he’s back

Nah I’m pretty sure he’s dead and this is just his ghost

@TheJoshuaTree87 which one of us do you suppose they’re referring to?