Any body else not OP leveling this time?

Is any one else gonna stay at 72 because op levels in reality just make you weaker imo.

I never did OP levels. No harm in staying at 72!

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I imported all 6 of my characters from my 360 to my One, so I’m already OP leveled. Though had I been unable to import them, it’s unlikely I would have put a supreme effort into Digistruct Peak, and completed it the 48 times I would have needed to to get everyone back to OP8. Also, it’s unlikely I would have bought the game again if importing had not been an option.

I stopped at OP 4. Having to grind and re-farm all of my gear is a bitch and a half. All the talk about “making the game harder” comes from players who min/max their builds to solo raid bosses with ease, which I would assume to be a mere fraction of the total player base. Nah, I’m fine with OP 2 with mixed leveled gear.


No harm at all in staying at level 72. I prefer OP levels because I like the challenge. It allows me to really hone my characters to take on the new challenges presented at OP levels. Sure, I could follow the min/max guides and make bosses a lot easier yet to me it is all about working for what I get. Farming for OP8 gear of what I have is fun and makes the game a lot more interesting to see what I can do with what I currently have.

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There’s a good chance I will stay at 72 this time around once I reach it.

I got quite bored after some good time at OP8 and put the game away eventually on my PS3 because of it, after a year of playing.

My opinion on OP8 (posted it in another thread here time ago already) is basically that it’s fun at first and a nice challenge for yourself and your group, but it gets dull in the long run.

You’ll be using the most effective guns, gear and skill combinations only and all the time, and it kills the variety, because it leaves no space for experimental builds for fun, or guns and gear that are not as overpowered as the top 2 % or so.

DPUH, Grog Nozzle/Rubi, Blockade, Rough Rider, Bee, Sandhawk, Pimpernel, Florentine, Slagga, Interfacer/Omen/Twister, Quasar, Storm Front, Chain Lightning, Magic Missile, Sham and Norfleet are what you will see and use so much that your eyes bleed.
Most other things are either entirely useless or holding you back too much. Builds that don’t focus on the overpowered skills like Bloodsplostion, Money Shot, Bore, etc. will not be very viable.

I might do the peak again to reach OP8 and farm the basic gear for it just for when I want to play with people that play OP8, but I will still probably spend most of my time at 72, and focus on farming more and trading less (or not at all) this time around, and play with what I’ll get and with all the guns and gear more extensively.
Can’t wait to pick up and use all the fun but useless guns at anything past 72 again like the Hammer Buster, Striker, Teeth of Terra, Sledge’s Shotgun, Elephant Gun, Skullsmasher, Rex, Tattler, Tunguska, most assault rifles (Ogre excluded), etc. etc. etc.


Pfft. I have no problems whipping the floor with trash mobs in OP 8. I would go back to 72, but it just seems to easy since I’ve been playing OP 8 for months now. I don’t farm nor do raid bosses much, so it’s not really much of a bigger challenge than 72. I use the same gear and tactics on OP 8 that I did for 72, excepting that my gear is OP 8 and not 72, so it hasn’t really limited me much. I can understand not wanting to deal with the OP levels, but I don’t fall into that camp.

I made a conscious decision to stop at OP2 for a couple of reasons:

  • Getting decent Legendaries is a chore in BL2 and IMO you need decent Legendaries to stand a chance of completing the OP levels. The core game is a lot of fun, but the mechanic of farm, quit, farm quit is quite possibly the most boring experience in gaming I have ever had. I farmed the Bar Room for enough tokens to get an Unkempt Harold and Kerblaster, IMO absolutely necessary for getting through the Tina DLC, the Dust for a Slagga, which again is fairly essential to get through the higher levels, and realised I would rather stick needles in my eyes than go through that mind-numbing experience again. If I find things in regular gameplay, then fine, but farming specific bosses for hours on end is just tedious.
  • I stumbled across a Thunderball Fists in OP1 and I enjoyed using it so much that once I reached OP2 I started to worry that I would never get another one again and didn’t want to lose the weapon it took me so long to get. I’m happy to just reset missions and keep playing the game in the normal way and have resigned myself to the fact that I will likely never get a Norfleet or other exotic weapons, which is a real shame. Gearbox have messed up here IMO.
  • Some items become fairly useless after OP2. I had an OP1 Hoplite and found when I tried to replace it with an OP2 one that the poorly thought out health penalty reduced my health to zero. So any enemies with a shock weapon would put me in instant FFYL, which pretty much negates the reason for having a tank shield in the first place. So when weighing things up I decided I would rather keep the things I enjoyed using than go up a further level and not enjoy the experience. Shame, really.
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OP level Hoplite shields can still be used, but you would need to accommodate for the health penalty by using a COM. In fact, that’s a valid strategy that some players use to take advantage of healthgating.

Check it: On my L.72 Zer0 playing at OP2, I can handle Terramorphous with ease using an OP3 Hoplite and a L.72 Survivor COM (which provides a Health boost and passive Health regen). I use this combo so that the COM’s Health Regen is equal or more than what my adjusted Health would be after the Hoplite shield and the COM take effect. In this case, I only have an effective Health of 1111 but my COM provides +3349.2 Health Regen. If anything gets past the Hoplite’s massive shield, I would easily be dropped to 1 health, but one second later, the COM regenerates my health back to full. There is literally only a second-long window when I could get dropped into FFYL. Of course, DoTs and multiple burst damage from several different sources can still drop me in that time frame.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t invalidate @shure’s point. In fact, it further supports it because this tactic requires a specific build with different gear items at particular levels in order to work.

Interesting tip, thanks. I will look at that and see if that outweighs the disadvantage of having to give up my Legendary Soldier Com!

[quote=“DomNation, post:6, topic:291132, full:true”]

You’ll be using the most effective guns, gear and skill combinations only and all the time, and it kills the variety, because it leaves no space for experimental builds for fun, or guns and gear that are not as overpowered as the top 2 % or so.[/quote]
I think this can’t be highlighted enough! :thumbsup:

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Staying at 72 this time. I did the OP’s on all 6 on last gen & personally I simply did not enjoy the game as much at the op levels.

the com’s stats do not change much if at all from 72 to op8

This is a non–issue since you can modify and completely deactivate OP levels before starting a game.
Even if you hit OP8, you can still choose to play at OP0 (lvl 72)…

yes, but then your gear would be so overpowered it would be no fun at all. When I want Torgue tokens I go down to OP0 and farm the Bar Room. It’s ridiculously easy. So not really a non-issue

They do. The skill bonuses don’t, but the extra bonuses increase.

You can throw away or vendor OP weapons and use 72 gear again. Definitely a non-issue. You always have the choice and are not restricted in any way with how you wish to play and enjoy your game.

sorry, but I think that’s a silly suggestion. Throw away all the weapons and gear it’s taken you how many hours to accumulate? It may be possible, but it’s not really practical.

It is a perfectly valid solution if you decided to unlock OP levels and then subsequently wished that you hadn’t. This is public forum, and a lot of first-time players jumped into the world of Borderlands with the release of the Handsome Jack Collection. It would be a shame if someone decided not to even try out the OP levels because they read various posts in this thread, especially the original post stating that unlocking OP levels make you weaker…

It is completely practical as it would work. However, throwing away gear that you might have spent ages farming might indeed seem unsavory. Fortunately, with Gearbox currently tweaking drop rates, you could easily farm lvl 72 versions of your arsenal again. This would also probably be even easier with your OP level weapons. What better way could there be to enjoy a loot-based game…

In around 2K hours of playing I have only ever seen two Thunderball Fists, one Hellfire and one Veruc, by way of example. The majority of Legendaries I have never even seen beyond pictures on this forum. So yes, I could take the decision to ditch my weapons and try to find others at a lower level, but considering how long it’s taken me to get them I’m not at all confident I will ever be able to replace them, increased drop rates (which I have yet to experience) notwithstanding. So that’s quite a big ask to just dismiss as a non-issue.