Any boss build for zane?

Is there an updates build for zane that doesnt need the new dlc ? For bossing pls

If there is gear you can give me , ill apreaciate it
Ps4 tag : inava86

cryo… stack cryo and you’ll be fine

Same as always before the update Executor with Seein Red capstone and a Scourge can 1-shot pretty much any boss that doesn’t have an immune phase. Anti-Freeze com too.

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I don’t know where you are getting the misinformation that Zane needs a Seein Dead com for bossing. Zane has been one clipping bosses for a LONG time now!

Executor, Infiltrator, and Antifreeze, depending on boss, are Zane’s boss coms.

If you are interested in facts instead of fiction then search the forums for @kabflash for a series of videos where kab just wrecks bosses. There is also a video series @flightx3aa put together of VM/VS sliding boss kills. I’ve linked them on these forums so you can search my name.


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