Any brand loyalty mechanics?

I remember reading about brand loyalty in the past and was wondering if it actually ended up being a thing in the game. If so, how does it work? Does equipping multiple pieces of gear from the same manufacturer do anything outside of Moze’s “matched set” skill? Do the manufacturer-specific challenges reward you with anything aside from eridium?

I hope there is, cos I primarily had an all Torgue set up in BL2 without even having any bonuses going with it, so it’d be a nice extra if I do the same with one of the other manufacturers and get some added boost (50% faster reload for Tediore weapons etc)

I killed over 100 hyperion with a Jacobs rifle and Jscobs sent me a letter (with attached green gun) to my mailbox in the social menu. So I am assuming it works and that it was a manufacturer challenge that I didn’t know I did, at the time that I checked the mailbox. However if so then the loyalty rewards are new gear not extra stats.

I wish Brand Loyalty mechanics operated as well in reality as BL.

Remy Martin would owe me a vineyard by now.

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