Any Chance For Adventure Mode?

Is there any chance of adding an adventure game mode similar to Diablo 3? Played through the story twice now with Zane and Fl4k and am really finding it hard to find motivation leveling up Moze and Amara. Would be nice just too start up and have random quests on each planet to do for leveling and loot grinding.


I’d really enjoy this too.

Like the idea, it would be even better if this mode of urs had online saves at BL 3 servers.
Your idea is similar to mine, but i was told any of this may never happen.


Let’s get some more talk about this. I think there are several segments of the game that could run easily as single missions. Add difficulty levels maybe (other than mayhem perks and losses).

It would also be a great way to sandbox new ideas for later expansions.

This could work with BL3, adventure mode in diablo 3 had many different small quests to complete. There are a lot of possibities in BL3 to implement this. It has the potential IMO.

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