Any chance for an upgrade from base to deluxe edition on steam?

I’ve been really hesitant on buying the season pass just in case this came out, I dont mind paying a little extra, but don’t have the luxury to re-buy the whole deluxe package. Really just want the extra cosmetics such as taunts and skins that come with the deluxe edition only and not the season pass. Of course if they added the deluxe extras to the season pass then it wouldn’t be a problem, but I don’t know if that’s happening any time soon. I’ve had this game since release, but got it as a gift so didn’t actually pay attention to the deluxe part of it, if I’d known sooner then I would have tried to find a way to trade it in, but seeing that I have close to 200 hours of play now I doubt I can switch out now. I know there have been previous topics but I feel this issue needs some addressing, it might just be a minority of us who want this, but it’s definitely being asked for. Thank you for your time!

I want to know an answer to this, if they are gonna add any way to update because I had to buy first the game and later the season pass and I really want the cosmetics that comes with the deluxe one.

Problem is, even if I would be willing to purchase again the game, like right now taking the summer sale of Steam, but in deluxe form to update my account I can’t because Steam counts the base game and the deluxe as the same.

Any news in a way to update or something?

I’d like to know as well, I wasn’t able to purchase the deluxe edition, but knowing that there’s content locked for Orendi drives me mad. As mad as the chaos witch.

I wouldn’t mind paying for it through the market place, honestly.