Any chance for Crossover items in Godfall >Bl3 the way Ea did for Dragon age/MassEffect/Deadspace

I just think itd be cool.

I usually buy all Action Rpgs at sometime in their life cycle.

I remember so many crossover items in Dragon age Dead space and Mass effect and i thought that was cool.

Could we see some crossover items from Godfall in bl3 and vice versa?

Also if its an epic store exclusive i wont buy it till its on steam. Still cant access dlc offline for no reason on epic games store. Screwed over for supporting original release.

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I really, REALLY feel you on the epic store launcher. No reason I can’t play offline with my DLCS, but that is an epic problem as opposed to gearbox. ((if someone can confirm they can play the DLCs offline with steam))
Aside from that, I believe Godfall is going to be an online game if I’m not mistaken. So if it is, it probably won’t be a big deal on which platform you opt for. Not sure if a steam release is even confirmed at this point! BUT! I am going to bite the bullet and deal with it. I have 3 hard drives, i9900k etc and have epic and steam installed. It’s not that big of a deal to me, especially since I have a library on epic of 50 games and I only bought 3! And Godfall looks freakin’ sweet, I ain’t gonna miss out on that!
But also aside from that, I think the most we will get would be some skins and heads. A weapon or two, I could see that.

I really enjoyed the crossover items for Dragon Age and Mass Effect. I don’t know anything about Godfall, but I fully support companies using crossover items to encourage players to try out other games they make.

But, the items can’t be meta-game changers. cosmetics are usually a safe option. Ideally, they would release the crossover weapons/items for free, as a form of in-game advertising. That way you’re not required to buy another game, but it might encourage you to check it out. Win-Win.

id like an easter egg crossover item thats literally just a dahl AR, and once you find it you can one shot literally anything :3