Any chance for some Ambra reworks?

One or two things may have already been mentioned but there are somethings I haven’t seen that I’d like to get updated with Ambra. Would love to hear input from other Ambra users.

Full disclosure, I just started using Ambra in the last week or so.

1.) Helix swap? I really think her helix option to have her sunspots reveal needs to be moved to a lower option. Now that Pendles is live adding to the number of stealth characters, it’s a little cray that she doesn’t get her reveal option until level 6 when so many other characters get that choice much earlier (Marquis at level 2, Orendi a LEVEL ONE). Especially considering that if you’re really focusing on the support aspect of Ambra you’ll most likely level up slower than an orendi or Marquis would.

2.) Sun spot healing. For the love of god, can we make it so the sun spots DON’T heal minions? Nothing more annoying than dropping a sun spot behind a corner to heal and ally and a few minions trot by and consume the entire thing in half a second. Also, if I drop a sun spot in the middle of a minion battle, having it just do damage to the enemy minions while also healing me is 1000 times more useful than having it try to heal me, heal 5 friendly minions and damage 5 enemy minions all at once. If the sunspots themselves got some sort of insane health buff, I could see it being feasible but right now…it’s not.

3.) Her Ult needs a rework. It takes way too long too trigger after casting, is way too noticeable and does way too little damage. Any of those aspects could easily be corrected to make it more useful. Maybe a slow or pull on wind up or cutting the trigger time in half so you actually have a chance to land it?

4.) two person life drain? I always found it strange that the sunspots can damage 5 enemies at once but Ambra’s staff can only drain one person at at time. Would allowing her to drain two targets at a time make her OP or would it still be fair? The drain itself isn’t a super high rate so I’m thinking she’d still be pretty balanced.

There was something else but I can’t think of it at the moment so I’ll leave it there for now.

  1. Ambra does get a reveal at lvl 1. The right side helix that buffs solar wind allows it to reveal stealthed enemies IIRC.
    Once she does get that additional reveal at lvl 6, Ambra is a very serious problem for Pendles. She can throw out those sunspots very quickly, they are out in the battlefield behind the enemy frontline–which is where Pendles will often sneak to get behind opponents. Also there is the level 4 mutation for solar wind that turns it into the staff slam–which would also reveal Pendles in a large area of effect. Not to mention that that Knockback is very effective against melee characters in general. So I really don’t think it needs a change with respect to stealth reveal, she probably has more than anyone else.

  2. I get what your saying, but what if you want to heal minions? Doesn’t that help with the objectives?

  3. Yes her ult sucks, but at least she has a nuke. It’s tolerable given how strong she is in other respects. It they just took away the great big diamond effect, it would be greatly improved.

  4. It would be OP. The beam in it’s current state is something that people complained about in beta–it locks on to a target and does damage without requiring you to aim. So a bunny hopper like Thorn can’t evade in the usual way and has to break the leash somehow or run away. Not to mention the fact that it does lifesteal as well. The tradeoff is (relatively) low damage. Draining two enemies at once would be crazy.

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I actually love healing minions, I’d hate if that was taken away. And later on, she can actually use her beam on Sunspots, making your problems with her disappear. Seriously, I didn’t like her at fiqrst, but her mutations give you so much freedom. So there’s your insane health buff. Unlimited health! And actually, her ult slowed in beta. But it was too strong for zoning. It’s actually really strong for minions or zoning enemies. For example, I’ve gotten a quad kill once with it.

TBH I completely forgot about that one but I do have a question about it. If you’re using solar wind to revel someone…aren’t you already aware that they’re there and, as such, don’t necessarily need to reveal them? Or am I missing something?


Reveal the Pendles to the filthy heathens you are trying to support since they can’t look for him themselves.

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Revealing Pendles damages him (with SW), cuts his speed in half and in general makes him do much less damage. Also, now everyone knows he’s there, AND your sunspots can hit him even before 6.

But if we’re talking reworks, like most characters, Ambra has some helixes that are basically straight garbage. Nobody, anywhere, EVER picks the consumable sunspot helixes. They’re pretty much straight garbage.

Also, the helix that lets you expend all your heat at once needs a buff. It’s hard to land, and as far as I can tell, does half (or less) the damage of using your heat bar normally. A bump to maybe 75% and a slight decrease on the windup would be much appreciated.

Reveal has two purposes. One is to reveal a stealther before they have a chance to attack. The second is to reveal them after they have opened up on someone.

There are a lot of cases where someone will be visible and then stealth. A lot of times you can still see them if you look carefully. Or you can hear them, such as when Shayne and Aurax is thumping around before delivering their aoe stealth attack. In these cases, you know roughly where they are and can reveal them.

In the latter case, you can use the reveal to prevent their escape, such as when Pendles hits smoke bomb and then runs off. Or your chasing a fleeing Oscar Mike. Keep in mind that the staff version of solar wind has a fairly large radius, which is huge if you take the 40% radius buff helix. So there will be a lot of instances where you don’t know a stealthier is around, but in the process of damaging someone else the power will expose them.

I don’t want any of those changes. She is in a fantastic spot right now.

As others have said, she gets a reveal at one, and to answer your question about that, take that with Ritual of Repulsion and it becomes an AoE reveal. It’s fantastic in combo, and once you have reveal on sunspots, you can reveal Pendles and then Reveal him again if he smokebombs.

Sunspots healing minions: I’m with the others here. This is a good thing. But early in matches, you need to be careful with sunspot placement so ou don’t immediately exhaust them when you have other priorities for healing or damage. Get her mutation at rank 12 and a couple of minions are no longer an issue.

Her ultimate isn’t about doing damage, IMO, it is about area denial. Need someone to get the hell out of an area? Drop her ultimate and watch them flee like rats from a sinking ship. And it is great for taking out minions pushing your sentry too. You can also drop it behind players to prevent them from retreating.

As for her life drain, leave it alone. They already had to nerf the crap out of it and people are complaining it is too strong after the recent buff to range.


Again, I never used her before the most recent patch but I will say I did notice that her beam stays latched on for quite a long ways. Sometimes the people are damn near across the map and as long as I don’t break line of site I’m still leeching. I’d much rather have a stronger drain with a slightly reduced range than a weaker one that can follow you over the river and through the woods.

She is strong enough already… possibly too strong

There are many other characters that need a rework way before Ambra cough Caldarius cough.

In my opinion she was almost perfect before this buff. All they needed to do was put her ultimate back to how it originally was. When I start seeing support characters routinely on the front lines something went wrong.

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I honestly think she was good before, honestly they need to make the reg cool down higher since you can already make it lower, seriously I can spam nonstop, even with little heat

When cooldown gear was stronger in beta, she could Pacman them up over and over. They just wanted to avoid another of this scenario. They over compensated, but they have a reason for this one. Now phasebang?

I was referring to the two-target suggestion (bad idea). The beam definitely needed more range than it had before. It felt terrible to use. They might have overdone it a bit, but there has to be a happy medium.

As for Ambra healing minions, remember, the fundamental design of wave vs. wave is that they will kill each other pretty evenly. The purpose of wave play in Incursion or Meltdown is for players to influence this balanced equation by doing their own damage or adding more content to the wave via Thralls and Elite bots.

Ambra’s sunspots healing your minions and hurting theirs fundamentally tips the equation, practically from level 1. It lets your minions win a fight they’re not designed to win. While it won’t allow your minions to just steamroll to the sentry, each inch of ground in mid is valuable. If your minions win fights, that’s also energy that their Battleborn have to expend in clearing the wave, instead of firing on your allies.

Also, while Ambra’s telegraphic giant diamond may not be the best for actually dealing damage, the fact that it has such a big display makes it INVALUABLE as a tactical tool. Only players with keen knowledge of their health and what they can stand up to will attack through it. Most will break off, in my experience. This can be huge when you’re trying to turn the corner in the lane to a sentry, for example, and the enemy is pushing back. You may have some BB who are needing to retreat, and enemy BB are chasing. They see the diamond pop up, and they relent.

You may say, “wouldn’t it be better if the effect was just instantaneous? Then you’d kill the chasing BB and be able to re-commit to the push.” Not necessarily – like I said, the idea of seeing that big diamond has a psychological effect. It forces a choice on the opposing player: “can I stand up to this Extinction Event to go get that kill? Probably not. Better to play it safe.” Even if they could take the damage and continue on for the kill, they may break pursuit.

Remember, despite her easy targeting and surprising bursty potential, Ambra is not a player kill machine. She’s mad territorial. She’s all about making a comfy beachhead for your other more-offensively inclined Battleborn to work from.

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