Any Chance Of A Feature To Weed Out Troll Players?

So I actually haven’t had a problem with this until today, and to be honest (as you’ll see in the screenshot) it wasnt really a problem due to us winning by a large margin.

But today I got a match with someone who had a mic and the second the match began he just kinda started hating on our sniper for not jumping into combat and staying back “like a ■■■■■■” (feg) lol
Needless to say it was funny, but obviously if anyone wanted to they could mute him.
I chose not to cause I rarely get troll so i enjoy them.

But this guy actively sabotaged the match, Both by running out and dying without a fight And trying to surrender.
One surrender vote would have gone through if i hadn’t died and spotted it and been the only one besides him to vote. (I have no idea if the other team was spamming the surrender or if they troll guy did it, I have no idea how it works)

But this is the match basically owo

So obviously no reason to surrender >~>…
“Ricky Reb”, no idea what this was but can their be a punishment for people sabotaging the team?

I don’t know what kind of punishment would be best, I don’t play much multiplayer, Battleborn is honestly the only game to get me into multiplayer, but has this thread been made already and is there any consideration for getting these kind of people out of multiplayer?

If the matchmaking will work and makes matches by skill, It will automatically push these game ruining players to the bottom in skill queue in time.