Any chance of an Autorun key?

Any chance of an autorun button? Spent alot of time running around to do sell trips etc in Bl 1&2… an autorun button would’ve been godly!! :confused:

Its always existed as controller + your choice of method in holding the left stick in the up position :wink: lol

Would be really neat!

Travel system was worked on. You can fast travel anytime now, Artifacts can speed you up, you can teleport to your vehicle and maps are better constructed to come around faster. While there will be no auto button, i guess you have a better time going around the new planets than in previous games

My auto run is just a relaxed thumb on the L stick but… why auto run when you can spam sprint slide sprint slide and go as fast a a vehicle… And shoot tracking snowballs from ya feets!

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I really wish they would just allow it to be set and locked in by pressing the button once per zone. There is virtually no situation where I need to be walking, and it wears on the sticks.


Whao whao hold up. You’re telling me that you don’t stand and admire any views or sit idle and listen to ambience?

Man I walked through Eden 6 because I had never seen anything like it in a Borderlands game. Walking the jungle was a must.

I’m not telling you what to do but to run through every zone robs you of alotta good stuff…

Wut? Even running in this game is slow at. Plenty of time to “take in the view”.

^^^So auto-run option would be an amazing and welcomed addition. It’s extremely abusive on the left thumbstick to always be mashing that shizz in. And those that don’t want it automatically run would obviously be able to leave it like it is.

Hell, there’s already an option for press and hold to run, just change that to auto-run(does anybody actually press and hold to run)?

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Ok ok we want toggle run on normal running not just sprint in the accessibility section of Options.

It can’t hurt. But yeah bro you should take things eve slower in life. I stood overlooking eden 6 for quite sometime upon first arrival, ate my dinner there, had a smoke. Extend sweet tastes as long as you can…

Ok that sounds a bit weird but you know - relax more G

No doubt, I do spend times admiring the art development in this game, taking photos, etc. Heck, my daughter and I even have our own “secret” locations in game where we go meet and just admire the water pixels and ethereal skyline’s.

I’m just saying when it’s time to move, it’s time to move. No need to be hindered by QOL oversights and excessively pushing thumbsticks in. You feel me.

I’m sitting in an office chair only moving the fingers on my hands, how much more relaxed do you think I should be?

I think you’re mistaking running in a game for real life. If I want to pause and take in the scenery in a game I can just take a screenshot. There’s even a dedicated photo mode for just that. But there’s nothing particularly amazing about the graphics or scenery in this game.

Eh each to their own, personally I “camp out” at certain places and bring the game world into my living space, perhaps the term is I play more as if it was a virtual world… Dude I sit arms length from a 32", have a habit of gaming 16hrs… Sorta fulltime

I have no problem with the way other peoples play… But yeah man - I probably take immersion in a more serious manner that other people may believe to be unhealthy lol