Any chance slide impact damage and ground pound will be reworked?

Ive been holding off leveling my Amara in the hopes these 2 “melee tech” choices will be reworked.

Any chance they will be changed to scale with melee% damage increases?

As they are right now they are really bad and not useful - even with endgame relics. Especially ground pound considering how long the animation is and that it locks you in place while youre being shot at. And because it doesnt have damage scaling with skills/items the actual damage output is just abyssmal even when dropping from great heights.

Slide at least has some use for closing distances/slide behind cover but the damage portion (which is already lower than base melee damage) has no use and the hitbox isnt particularly generous in the first place.
The “Red Card” legendary shield is actually designed to make the damage decent (i think) but the numbers on it are just unbelievably bad and they rely on you being able to easily regen your shield. (6K at full shields - level 50 - and drains your entire shield on hit)
6K damage is just awful. Even if it wouldnt drain your entire shield to apply the damage - it still would not be worth using.

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This game does not seem built to incorporate ground pounding at all, so it seems very strange that so many artifacts carry upgrades to the slam. It does make you wonder what happened behind the scenes at Gearbox during development. Did they have a plan for the slam that got scrapped at some point?

At least one of the slide artifacts can make your slide very fast, that can be helpful.

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I know right its so off. Doesnt really make sense.

I also feel like they wanted to do something with it but then entirely scrapped the idea.

I even made a bug report at one point thinking that this can not be designed as intended.

Well, if it were me, I would remove the jump requirement to initiate a slam. That way if you double tap crouch you can just slam as a way to clear out a clustered group of enemies and allow those artifacts more of a use. damage could be about 66 (subject to balance testing) percent of your total melee with knockback so you could alternate between high single target or to allow breathing room in a fight.

Slide requiring a setup could be set at 125 (also subject to testing) percent as a way to start a melee brawl or as a cool finisher.

agreed i picked up a legendary one, and thought to myself. when have i ever ground pounded minus for quest objective. needles to say i use it when dropping down holes to bosses and that’s it.

as for slide i use it for taking cover quickly and that is it. there is literally no need to slide into enemies with the pittance damage on it.