Any chance that we might see pilot view in the future?

Hey, now that the big patch is done, I was wondering if adding this old but great feature could be possible in the smaller patches that were hinted to come?

I didn’t think it was as important as formations and ballistics so I never bothered pushing for it, but now that those are dealt with I figured I should ask this one last time. I booted the game now for a new run and I really miss the feature, being able to accurately follow the ships was so good during battles, it made the whole experience really immersive.

Thanks for your time, and again thanks for working on this patch.

There isn’t, and won’t be, pilot view - but you can ‘follow’ selected ships if you assigned a key to this commend:


You can do that in LUA via a custom screen, or add it to a command in a file called ‘autoexec.lua’ in your ‘Bin\Release’ folder’s root… The full line for my personal version is:

bind3(“camAction_EnableMirroring(-1)”, CONTROLKEY, ALTKEY, AKEY)

Which means Ctrl-Alt-A toggles this…


What does this do, exactly? Focusing on a ship already follows it, you mean this action locks the camera on a fixed positon behind the engine of the selected ship?

Real shame about not having pilot view. Is there any particular reason you guys decided not to ever include it?

I’ll make do with that, thanks, but I haven’t gotten it to work yet.

I opened Notepad++, copied that line, saved as localexec.lua (I had no file like that previously, it’s the only thing on the file) and saved it on steamapps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\Bin

Just went in game and pressing that key combination did nothing. Would it toggle instantaneously if it is properly set?

It locks the camera to follow that ship (or ships, though not as nice), from the exact spot the camera was at that moment. So if you line it up, then trigger it, you are happy - put it anyplace you want. Or, fire this off, then adjust the camera until you are happy…


Ah - CORRECTION! (post edited above)

Our local setup here is Bin\Release\autoexec.lua calls Bin\localexec.lua

You should just be able to use autoexec.lua - I THINK.


@Bitvenom :
would the camAction_EnableMirroring(-1) command also works if included into the keybindings.lua file (in the /locale/scripts folder) ?
or associated with a button in the UI ?

Yeah, it is all effectively the same thing - would also work as part of a UI mod to add ‘camera’ commands. There are MANY camAction_XXX commands, but I won’t have time to document them until the point patch is out (working on it!).


Great news ! I’ll make a simple ui mod for that ASAP !

edit : and a bigger one when you’ll have documented it :slight_smile:

Haven’t gotten that to work either (the autoexec.lua in BIN’s root).

Where exactly is this keybindings.lua file? I couldn’t find it on my AppData folder (Locale/Roaming) nor in My Documents.

Notice, that autoexec.lua is in Bin\Release not the root! :slight_smile:

it’s a file you need to extract from the big file, so not as easy as the autoexec.lua solution.
I’m currently downloading the update at a reaaalllyyyy slooooooowwww sppeeeeedd, so can’t do anything about it for now

You don’t have to extract it - it isn’t in a BIG - nothing in Bin can be.



It should work?

Don’t worry, I got it to work now with his correction, thanks BitVenom.

But for camera adjustments, this is a toggle for how the camera behaves on a focused object right? So if I got this right the only things we can change are the fixed angle and the zoom to the object, right?. If we pan the camera I’ll lose the focus thus disabling the follow, is that correct?

Yeah, just to clarify if it wasn’t clear, my message was about the keybindings.lua file, sorry

Precisely - because once you ‘move off’ the object, it isn’t focused any longer. It was a quick hack ages ago…

The full camActions_ toolkit can allow you to move the camera and still ‘chase’ the focus object, etc - but again, I’ll get to explaining that - just not this week for sure.


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Alright, I’m sure I’ll pester modders eventually to bind simple camera adjustments to the numpad or something, but for now this will do nicely.

Thanks again.


You won’t have to pester anybody :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s nice to see that others want something like this too, I’ll be looking forward to it.

It’s just that I like to do UI stuff, simply because it’s not something many people do, and there was no documentation about it in the first place, so the challenge/discovery was especially high in the beginning ^^

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